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Noob needing help again!

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So a few months ago I was a click away from buying the ATH-M50 and a dac but then I immediately thought I would regret it for some reason. I have now decided to spend more money on headphones (max. $250). I don't mind getting a pair of headphones that need a good amp but I won't be getting the amp right with it. This way I can get an extra SQ boost from buying an amp/dac than a new pair of headphones. 


I listen to a lot of genres, they are on my year old 27" iMac and 85% flac, 14% 320kbps and the other 1% 256kbs to less. I am going to list a few of the main genres and bands I listen to so you guys can help me with choosing a pair of headphones. Classic rock (Led Zep, Pink Floyd, CCR, The Doors, etc....), Electronica (Justice, Deadmau5, Siriusmo, Swedish House Mafia), Classical (Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, etc...), Reggae ( Toots and the Maytals, Bob Marley, Natiruts, etc...), Modern Rock (Arctic Monkeys, Jack White's bands, Mars Volta, etc...) and then many other genres but not as much.


So I do need a pair of headphones that are good at every genre that I may throw at them. I used to own Grado Sr60i, but they were mediocre at anything that was not rock. What annoyed me the most was bass heavy music (ie: electronica), the bass was basically non existent. I don't need HPs that are bass heavy (I have logitech Z-2300 for that) but I would like the bass to be present and true to the source. I will be using these headphones in my dorm, so open or closed is not an issue.


Sorry for not posting in the help thread but seems like people get ignored or get one recommendation and thats it. 




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There are many options you should look into, especially if you are willing to buy used headphones.  My personal recommendation would be to look at buying a used Beyer DT880/DT990 in either the 250 or 600 ohm versions, the Sennheiser HD600 or HD650. 


I should add that I don't have personal experience with the DT880 so you should take that part of the recommendation with a grain of salt.  Apart from that, the Sennheisers are both great 'phones and would have a much richer sound than the Grados, with a greater bass presence.  My personal preference between the two Senns is the HD600, but there are many people who prefer the darker sound of the HD650.  I find that these do a very good job with many genres, from rock to classical so they may be the perfect ones for you!


I highly recommend buying your headphones used as one of the major advantages to buying used is that if you do not like the headphone you can sell it for practically the same price you paid for it, less the shipping costs.  This means that after the initial purchase of a headphone, you can test many different cans for relatively little money. 


Good luck finding your new headphones, and welcome to Head-fi!!

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I love my m50s. Likely won't upgrade for a long time (partly thanks to my monitors, though). They improve very well with amping, and do not at all require it, so it's like icing on the cake! dt880smile.png

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Cyberidd: The DT880 might be an option I will have to read a few reviews on it to see what they excel at. Regarding the other two recommendations they are out of my budget limit. As a student I don't really have the wallet to risk a faulty second hand HP, I am just very skeptical when it comes to that. 


Borgbox: I was going to buy the m50s but figured that spending around $100 more I would get better HPs.


thanks! any other recommendations!?

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