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24/88 upsampling to 24/96 for HM-801

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Hi all.  I have some 24/88 FLAC files that I'd like to play on my HifiMan HM-801.


My HM-801 is being a jerk and won't play them.  I don't know if this is by design or a bug in the firmware.  I believe I have the latest firmware.  I thought that I had read the 801 would upsample auto-magically, but I could be wrong.  Either way, this is more about the process not the player:


It seemed like upsampling might be better than downsampling so I'm throwing my 24/88 FLACs at dbPoweramp, converting them to 24/96 WAV files.  Next I convert those WAV files back to FLAC and, like magic, they play on the HM-801.


Possible Questions:


1. Is this the best overall approach?


2. Ideally, I would use Mac OS software to do this, but my app of choice has a bug in it where all 24 bit files end up 16 bit (Max is the app).  Is there other Mac OS software available?


3. Should I downsample instead?


That's about it.


Any comments would be appreciated.

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better upsample by a bit than downsample by a lot...all resamplers are not equal, use some complicated songs and compare them. OTOH, the dual opamps in your DAP will prolly mask the differences.

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I'm going resurrect this thread.


What is the deal with 24/88?, loads of great music available

and yet so many dacs won't play it without mucking about with the files.


ABCKO are shooting themselves in the foot as are DAC makers.


Even Foobar needs a component installing.


It's very frustrating, so why Fang etc, don't your dacs do 

24/88 happily? I'd love to know

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From an audio perspective 24/88 makes sense

Video soundtracks used 24/96 early on, so it became the high-res digital standard

Some computers, like my MacPro have toslink optical that won't pass 24/88, even though it does 24/96, so I use a USB DAC

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