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Yuin OK2 review ... and vs PK2

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... I am very disappointed with OK2.


Well I had Yuin PK2 and I loved it so much! But unfortunately they got broken and I thought in make an upgrade? I read, re-read, and re-read all the forums and reviews and I concluded OK2 will be my new phones.


I got it already.


And my first impressions was:


- In the first listens hated it as death. It simply hurts my ears and head with the punches of the basses and some mids and trebles;


Note: I use them mainly on my laptop. And I listen to indie-rock, alternative-rock, psy-trance, psy-pop... around here... vocals are almost everything for me.


- Well after some days of listen, it seems to got better, I think the burn makes some difference here but really It was(is) annoying to listen music on OK2.


...But although I AM HATING this phones!!!!!


Why? Because:


- In general I cant feel the music, is completely out of emotion, the songs are cold and artificial!!! I cant feel the songs! This is hard to explain, but I feel more the music with some stock earbuds than with OK2;


- I hated the deep soundstage - if you are going to see a band in a bar, you dont have this soundstage, you listen to the sound as a whole isnt?


- The basses and some mids and trebles are still hurting my ears, listen music with this phones is tiresome!!!


- The vocals are very very low, they are muffed by the basses and the trebles & some details, like second guitars or cymbals are often too loud.

(See, if the producers and the bands equalize the sound in one way, I mean with the vocals louder than everything and some details at very low volume, why should we listen to the same music with a complete reverse equalisation? It is what this phones does.);


- Against everyone says about OK2, I think they have too much bass;


- This phones are impossible to listen with low volumes, you cant simply listen the soul of the song.



OK2 are indeed very detailed but maybe is because of this I hate listen music with them. Maybe all details distracts my mind from the melody of the music (usually on the vocals).



Like I said I love the vocals of a song. It is everything for me.



Indeed I prefer PK2 sound at moment, the sound is much more natural and smooth, no exaggerated soundstage, and the details are enough (it is nice to detect some pretty details of a song, like some background instrument or something but in a sufficient quantity, and more, they still sound like it should be, in the background.)




Any of you feels this? Any experience from PK2 to OK2?


I'm thinking in selling this phones. Im not sure if I should go back to PK2 or try Pk1.

Have you any others suggestions also?








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Huh interesting, I love the OK2. I upgraded from the OK3 to the OK2 and appreciate the difference immensely. The Yuin OK2 is my primary portable earphone, and I use it daily. It's interesting to hear your impressions versus the PK2, which I have not had the chance to try out.
I personally love the bass, treble, and sound stage of the OK2. there are times I find it's sound stage more pleasant than the k702. I suppose, quite literally to each their own.
There was a lot of work comparing the different yuin models in the past--search function can turn that up if you're looking for direct comparisons, but I'm interested in other opinions as well.
If you're still in the time frame to return the OK2 maybe you are better off trying the pk1, provided you have an amp of course. Can't recall exactly, but I believe the ok1 has an impedence of 150 OHMs which is what scared me off initially, since I don't like dealing with portable amps.
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Ya the PK1 and OK1 have the same impedance.  Both are going to be a bear to get good sound out of.  I personally have stayed away from upgrading my PK2 to the OK2 because the OK2's look too big.  Maybe the circumference of the house is the same as the PK2, but the depth looks to be pretty significant. 

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I find the ok2 to be perfectly comfortable but only without any of the covers. I use them exclusively as earbuds (cause the Ear canal pieces just look awkward...). With any of the covers on it definitely feels a bit bulky. Not sure if there's an issue with wearing them bare, but I haven't had any trouble and keep my ears pretty clean wink.gif

I actually never tried the pk series just because I thought the ok series had better construction. Maybe should look back into them
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Thanks for your replies!


Anyone more has experiences to tell me about PK2 vs OK2?

I am really wondering about this...

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I had the OK2 once, and i was very disapointed to, but due to their lack of bass :s . I'm afraid that there's a huge percentage of defect products

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I got my ok2 based on this review and agree with it 100% except I do found ok2 to have significantly less bass (but much much better quality) than pk2. Big soundstage, incredible instrument separation are the things I love about them. i would say these two are what make ok2 a entry bud for enjoying classical music. Now if you only listen to vocal, for sure you will have problems with the sibilance.


I suggest you pair them with dark warm sources (burn them for at least 100 hours) , they will sound like full-sized can. They are particularly good for watching movie, playing video games and listen to complex electronic music.


Or you can go with pk1 or new senhasiers which according to some to have shallow soundsatge which I hate.


In the end, I must say ok2 is a huge step up from pk2 to me, but you seemed to have a problem with big soundstages, which is beyond my comprehension.

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I use them on my laptop. Usually the music files are good quality.


At least burn in for 100 hours? I am at 40-50 hours now I guess... It is true they are getting better but dunno the vocals volume are very low, sometimes a listen to a bass line or a cymbal almost louder than the vocal...


Yeah I know all that reviews ;)






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I too have bought the Yuin OK2 after having the Yuin PK2. The PK2 really sound good and I had expected a lot from Yuin OK2. I have done perhaps 16 hours of burn in now but they are not getting any warmer in sound and I found the bass severely lacking and the sound sometimes almost hurts.

Up until now, the OK2 have been a serious disappointment. They sound cold and harsh. Is it really true that burn in of 100 hours will really help? In this case the difference must really be significant. I remember that with my PK2 the first hours already made a big difference, but not (yet) with OK2. It looks like they have been designed with in-ear use in mind as the basses are better in that case (but with in that case the trebles really lacking).

Can anyone else confirm that such a long burn in indeed helps turn them in to a sound like a "full-sized can"? Up until now, the PK2 are just clear winners for me.

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