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If I could only keep one earphone/headphone it would be my newly acquired Future Sonics Atrios with the NEW MG7 dynamic driver. They are so engaging and fun to listen to.


I have the Phonak Perfect Bass, Audio Technica CK7, Sennheiser PX100, and Koss Portapros and non of those earphones/headphones were as engaging as the Atrios.


The bass is really something special on the Atrios. The bass is rich and astoundingly deep. Bass response is excellent: it goes deep and is very articulated. Pitch and texture of bass frequencies are presented very well. The Atrios have quite a bit more bass than Shures or Etymotics, but the bass does not overwhelm the mids; it doesn’t make the overall sound muddy in any way. Contrary to bloated bass-monster IEMs like the Super.Fi 5 EB or the CX300, the Atrios can be seen as the "bass reference" for IEMs and fits well with the music I listen to....Pop, Rock, Disco & Europop. 

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it would probably be my Miles Davis Tributes for me.


i love my DBA-02's but i listen to alot of HipHop and the bass signiture doesnt sound very good with most HipHop songs.

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Most "correct" earphone: RE252.

Most mindlessly fun earphone: Triple.Fi 10


For general broad spectrum use, I would lean most to the Triple.Fi 10, a very good earphone, broadly capable, but also fun to listen to.  I've owned the Triple.Fi 10 through a lot of other products I've tried out.  It impresses me always, not by itself, but when compared against others, it shows it's capability.  If I want to stay true to the source, I like RE252 the best, a very high quality sound, extremely well balanced, not as fun but much less colored.


For a mix, I also do like the CK100 a lot, but excellent balance yet fun also while still offering a very refined sound.  It's just very pricey.

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W3. It's just a fun, visceral experience.
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e-Q7 - as simple as that.  It was my first "real" IEM and I think it will be my last one, for a long long time at least.  Which is the reason why I can start investing my money in full-sized cans now dt880smile.png

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Triple Fi 10 without a doubt, still my favs

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Hmmm. My options aren't as high end as everybody elsesm and yet, I can' t choose between my Kicker eb141s, Super.Fi 5's/Ultimate Ears 600s, and Head Direct RE2s. Theyre all useful in different aspects and situations...

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JH16 for sure..

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Don't know why you would really use IEMs inside the house, because I would hope that you would be able to find much higher quality headphones for the same price. Leading from that, the most important things for me are isolation, comfort, and price! Especially isolation, as I am outside, hopefully helping me pick up all the nuances background noise drown out. And especially price! After all, they are inevitably going to break... Or is that because I keep using Ety's?


I have really enjoyed all the Etymotic's I have heard, even if they do sound a bit better played from a powerfull source... I am on my 3rd pair, probably being narrow minded but they work so well for me, and I am definitely latched onto the brand. Now, scoff all you like....


(Explanations being way more beneficial to others than just one word answers... you know who you are mr. massive post counters)

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I'd take RE0, because it's so different from my full size headphones :)

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Today, It will be ... Shure SE535

Tomorrow maybe ... Westone 4

Next week maybe  ... Custom JH




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Mmm, not easy. I don't have many pairs (at least, not as many as most people in the forum!), and most of them are in the same price range, so it's difficult to choose one.

Anyway, right now I would pick the Meelec CC51 if I only could have one pair. Second best, the Meelec A151 and third the Meelec M11+. If you forbide me Meelec, then the SoundMAGIC PL50.


Fortunately, I don't have to choose and I can have a different pair depending on the music I plan to listen and my mood ;)

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For me, definitely my Xears TD-II's.  Of course, they're also the most expensive earphones I've ever owned, but they're easily the best from what I've tried...Creative EP-630's, Soundmagic PL30, Soundmagic PL11, Senn CX281, Xears PB120, and - oh! - the Koss Spark Plugs :) . 


The TD-II's have a good sound stage, good but not boomy bass, nice treble...perfect for listening to metal 90% of the time, so that's what I do.  They sound fine for classical too, actually. 

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JH-16 pro's FTW :)

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