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Need help finding the right IEM for me...

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So Ive been looking to buy a decent pair of headphones.  First off, my budget is roughly $350 CDN.  I spent a while looking into on ear headphones and came to the conclusion (based on reviews and most recommendations) that the ATH-M50 and HD-25ii were the two best options within my price point.  I think Im changing my mind now and want to get in ear monitors instead, but dont know the first thing to look for.  Im hoping to find the best sound and best value for the dollar (similar to how the ATH and HD would be, from what Ive read).
Things Im looking for...
- student, so will be walking around campus, library, etc.
- monitors that arent affected by cold weather (not sure if its possible for that to happen anyways)
- portable, nothing too crazy that Id be scared to take out of my house
- go to the gym regularly, so if it could take some sweat or whatever thats great, but not necessary...i can always use my crappy headphones for the gym
- like a nice bass, but really just looking for overall sound quality
- listen to bands like radiohead and pink floyd, so I want these monitors to give me the 'euphoric' experience that goes with the music
** I dont have any setup at home, or amps or anything like that, just looking for something I can buy and use on its own...preferably not something extremely delicate
I dont know too much about 'custom' or 'universal' or what brands are best for IEM, so any advice is greatly appreciated.
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There are few options out there for oyu, also depending if you are looking to import or shop locally..

I can suggest SM3, (only thing it is a bit fragile)

Ortofons E-Q5,  Final Audio A1. Audio Techica CK10 :  These two are Japanese and are very well build specially the CK10 one

Also there are Monster Turbine Pro Copper and Gold (never heard this but are loved by many audiophiles.

FX700 and IE8 come with Dynamic Driver/ transducer and it offers a very punchy bass lines. (these two don't isolate well

Another with Dynamic T. is Radius W21 (this one is a new model but coming out next week (also from Japan).  The previous version of DDm is quite amazing considering its price (150$- 180 USD price range).

 You can learn about Radius here http://www.musicaacoustics.com/Radius_HP-TWF21.html


Also, There are very special threads on the forum where you can read comparison reviews between many IEMs. Search for James444 comparison review on Ortofons/Final Audio and FX700...





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Thanks a lot :)

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You might want to check this out: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-150-iems-compared-jvc-ha-fx700-fad-fi-ba-ss-1964-t-added-02-27

Great thread, especially if you have an idea of what you're looking for. You might be interestedin the UE Triple-fi 10 as well. It's retail price is around your budget, but can be had for significantly less.
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