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need a good full size headphone under/around 100

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hello! i'm new to head-fi and needed some advice for circumaural and comfortable headphones       


mostly use my vintage sony dr-s5 ( which have a quite good sound ) and now it's broken. i wonder if there's such headphone under 100 that have sound similar to sony s5. i want, and the most important is a good sounstage. i read in others thread that denon d1001 have a pretty good score. i wonder if the d501 are close enough to the d1001? since in my country d1001 cost twice than d501  



actually i want the srh440 but they're pretty hard to find ( except amazon ), and i wonder if shure srh240 is quite good for the price? right now my nominees are : AKG K518 LE, Denon D1001, Denon D501, Shure SRH440 and 240 and Grado SR80


any suggestions?

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Audio Technica have the best soundstage for the price. I don't think you can even find much better if you extend your budget to $300 to be honest.


Edit: Hard to find, except Amazon? What's wrong with Amazon?

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What you're asking for isn't very common. Most of the times + Isolation = - Soundstage.


I would discard the grados, as they are open and have a very small soundstage.

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He never asked for isolation, he did ask for closed though, if you want isolation stay away from the Denons.

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Well, I thought that if he wanted closed headphones it would be because he needs isolation...

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M50's!! for isolation


or the denon's(closed but little isolation) fantastic soundstage.  

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As a current owner both the SRH240 and SRH440, I vouch for both as excellent options for ya.  The SRH240 has excellent clarity and resolution with a suprising amount of detail retrieval.  They are very easy to drive so an amp is not required, they're a bit on the bright side with a slightly foward midrange.  The main issues with the SRH240 is its rather small soundstage(even by closed back standards) and a very soft bass response.  The SRH440 improves on the its entry level sibling in clarity, resolution, and dynamics as well having a pretty good soundstage.  The overall sound quality is quite smooth with a stonger and deeper bass response than the SRH240.  With its foldable design and removable cable would have me leaning toward the SRH440.  It is indeed an excellent option, though its little brother is not too bad either.

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whoops my bad. i mean comfortable not closed since i only use it in home. looks like my choices are srh440/d1001 since they got many positive reviews ( and srh440 fold yea that's cool ). i wonder if audio-techinca sj3/fc700 or sony xd400 quite good enough?

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The Audio-Technicas and the XD400 look decent, though I don't have any insight to give you on them.

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Keep in mind the OP requested suggestions at or below the 100 dollar level, which Monster's Beats and Bose's line do not fall in.

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Originally Posted by Digital-Pride View Post

Monster's Beats and Bose's line do not fall in.

Op, stay away from them. triportsad.gif

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absolutely no to bose/monster ( except the turbines ) i wonder if superlux ( 681/668/669 ) is good enough? cause i read in other forum that 668b simply beat the ms1 ( wow! for less than 40? ) is it that good?

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bump and..

thinking of akg k530/k518 le and superlux 668b. are these good enough?

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I can vouch for the Superlux 668B if you want better soundstage due to it being the open and balanced version of 669, both of which were what I was considering. I ultimately went with the more expensive 669 due to the bass. While I don't have much to compare the 669 to other than my pairs of JVC HA-M750 and Creative Aurvana DJ (which is my worst buy yet), they are bumping the M750 as my favorite.

For the price, why not give 668B a try? There's always eBay if you decide that they're not for you.

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