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Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 questions

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I just received the hardware that I posted in the title bar. It's alright. I thought it would be more. To be honest , I believe my HT Omega Striker 7.1 (with equalizer settings) had better sound quality with my HD600s. It was (pretty) clear highs , good mids , decent lows. With the D1 I feel as though I'm not "there". The highs are lacking. It sounds somewhat muffled. 


Is the sound going to change that much over the burn-in period? I had it going for 5 hours while I went to work , came home and it sounds no different then when I initially tried it.


Would I be better off with a soundcard?


What can I do to improve the sound? Is it as is , or are there sound settings I'm missing. 



(This is off topic a bit) but one of the reasons for getting the D1 was for PS3 compatibility. If I didn't have the PS3 I would of just got a new soundcard but my previous soundcard wouldn't work with the PS3. What options are there? 



This is all I have for now. I'm pretty sure I'm going to turn in the D1. I just want someone else's opinion as well. And expertise.



Silly question - does the amp just increase the loudness and tone? It has little to no affect on sound? Or is it something else.

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You should check out the huge D1 threads. They are full of advice on how to "improve" the sound:






Happy reading, only 170 pages in total :)

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These are the two main threads that I read a lot of that convinced me to buy the D1. Thank you for the links , still. I have found out that the PS3 input is very sterile...all about the high and and it is tinny , there is almost no low end. 


Thanks for the help anyways.

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I don't have that much experience with other equipment, but I own a D1. I have long suspected that amps don't really affect the sound too much unless you're talking tube vs. solid-state, aslong as they supply enough power for the headphones you're using them with. I use them with my laptop and PS3, and I can definitely notice a difference between onboard sound on the laptop and the D1. I'm very happy with the sound from my PS3 aswell, using them with my AD900's while playing BC2 has often made me feel like the sounds are coming from outside. I think the source is more important than the amp, as the amplifier is only meant to amplify things, not change the sound. Hope this helps. 

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Hey Now,


I use the D1 in my main room feeding 2 different systems. I have an iMac > ethernet > AEX > optical > D1 > surround system AVR and vintage 2-channel system. I have it modded with some LM4562 opamps for both the DAC section and headphone amplifier section, tried the LT1365 in the DAC but didn't like the sound as much as the LM4562. I have a Raytheon 5670 tube as well. The tube output goes to the vintage 2-channel system for added musicality and the SS goes into the surround AVR. I gotta say the sound is very engaging into both systems, not muffled at all. Much better than if I was using the onboard DAC of my AVR; I have to use a DAC for the vintage system. I run my satellite set top box into the D1 via coax for movies and such. It is a very versatile bit of kit. 



Finest kind,


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