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What's the Deal With Beats By Dre?

Poll Results: Do you like Monster and Beats By Dre

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Hey Head-Fi, 

I am a noob that's just starting out. I want to ask you all why every single person here hates Beats By Dre and Monster. What's the deal with them. I'm just very cuious, because every punk in my school has them, and they actually sound pretty good. Thanks


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They just sound bad.


People who are used to listening to iBuds will they think sound great though, and thats the point. those punks have never heard anything better, and therefore assume they are the best.

There are plenty of headphones $70 and over that are much better than the Beats.


End of story, really no more discussion needed here.

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I'm not sure what else you've heard, but there are much better sounding headphones that cost less than Beats. The main reason they are hated around here, is because they are marketed so much that every non-audiophile is convinced that they are the best thing out there, which they aren't.


EDIT:: nullstring beat me to it.

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Its for this....



Authentic Justin Bieber's headphones... (joke)


The reason it's because there are better options for less price... Beats by Dre are mainly marketing....

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I don't think the Studios sound bad, they're just overpriced. The Solos are legitimately awful, and the Pros are far too heavy and bulky. Haven't heard the Beats IEMs or the clip-ons.


It's a combination of poor poor build quality, a sound signature that most HFers don't like, and the fact that they're in every pop music video and NBA game.


A lot of the hate is unfounded anyway, most people here just say something like "YAH GET THE BEATS IF YOU JUST LIKE BASS (LIKE A IDIOT) HERP DERP INSTEAD GET M50s AND BE COOL LIKE US". The Studios aren't particularly bass heavy.. IMO they're somewhat balanced.


If you like how they look, have money to burn, and want noise canceling... The Studios are a decent set of headphones. The Solos are terrible in every way, and the Pros are just ridiculously overpriced.

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It's true that they're endorsed by celebrities. 

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Why are Beats opposed with the evangelical fervor ordinarily reserved for devil worshiping heathens?  Only because the fate of Western Civilization hangs in the balance.  You don't need the psychic hotline to connect the dots:  Vandals overrun Rome 455 A.D. - end of Western Civilization = Beats wearing suburban teenagers overrun the malls and cineplexes 2011 - end of Western Civilization.  Some might even say the Vandals had better hats.

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Originally Posted by macrocheesium View Post

The main reason they are hated around here, is because they are marketed so much that every non-audiophile is convinced that they are the best thing out there, which they aren't.


lol, pretty much


It's very annoying to have people tell you that your own headphone suck, and that their beats are way better...

They refuse to listen to reason, and there is nothing left to do but to hate the Beats (and Bose) and everyone who listens to them =p

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Originally Posted by Kappy21 View Post

 Some might even say the Vandals had better hats.


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My main gripe is that they've become more of a fashion statement than anything. You're not cool unless you have the beats because all the celebrities have them..I find that to be complete and utter nonsense. It saddens me that headphones in today's society are becoming more a fashion item than an audio tool. Most people wouldn't be caught dead with something that's dull or non colorful because apparently that "hurts their image". As for me, I'm rocking out at college with my grado sr60's, a headphone that most people consider ugly (which is surprising cause i like their looks).
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Everyone states that they sound bad. But to be honest... I think they sound fairly decent and pretty good... but is it worth the price? Doubt it. I am sure you can find better headphones for much less. But then again I'm a noob too.

I may be a noob, but I know that Beats is way overpriced. If they were even half the price they are now... I think people would bash them less.

Sennheiser, Audio Technica, AKG, Denon, and Beyerdynamic have been in this thing for a long time... and to think that Monster Beats comes out out of the blue and asks for premium prices is kind of ridiculous.

Well... at least the winners are the marketing team Beats hired.

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We're not happy because most of us think, objectively, the Beats line is a waste of money. I've come across quite a few reviews/impressions that state it's not too bad, but only if the price was lower--i.e.: it's overpriced for the quality it has.


Beats has one main thing going for it: looks.

It does not compete on sound with cans in the same price range, and it even fails against many products at price points much lower. 

It does not compete on build quality--I think this irks a lot of the members here. We want people to enjoy good sound quality, so as bad as it is that someone's paying a premium for a product we already think sounds terrible, we know that Beats are pretty flimsy too. That's just wrong. If you pay a premium for something, at the very least it should be built well.


As asked before, OP what other headphones have you listened to, especially since you say the Beats are good?

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Based on the (admittedly) limited experience I have with them, they don't perform well for the amount of money Monster wants for them. I tried the Beats Pros in Best Buy yesterday and I honestly couldn't detect a difference between them and my ATH-M50s which cost about a fourth of the Beats' MSRP.

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They claim the headphones being studio quality..

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the only pair of beats i enjoyed listening to were the beats pros. but for $450 they are way over priced when comparable headphones can be had for 1/4 the price. but then again they seem to be built solid. in fact if i could get them for $150 i would spring for it right away even though i hate monster as a company for their greedy (some say evil) tactics.

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