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I believe that the Pros are poor for the price.

If it costs buckets less then the reviews wouldnt be that bad...

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Currawong, what you say..er typed is indeed correct.  I just wanted to be polite.wink_face.gif

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No, xymordos... if they were free, that would be enought for them... 

because, for me, not even if someone pays me i would not listen to them, as they are really destroying the music....


listening to bad headphones is a torture... i should get money for that, not paying for it!.....

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Okay i own a pair of beats pros, and yes while i have said time and time again the beats are not good, the pros are a different story. Are the pricey, yes very much so, am i happy with them very much so. I also am looking at a few portable dacs to use with my ipod at work. Possibly a fiio e12. But let me say this, i know most ppl are going to be like waste of money, and lot of those ppl are gonna be the ones who cant spend thd money. And many will say i dont know what good sound is, well let me say this. my computer speakers are hs8 and a pair ( thats right 2 ) hs 10 subs. So to hate on a person for asking a simpke question about an amp is just wrong, i wouldnt buy a mac computer if it was free, but i dont hate on ppl cuz they have one over those over priced wastes of space.

So lets get back to the question at hand, what are good recommendations for portable dac/headphone amps to be used with beat pros
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Nothing is needed. They are already perfect as is. Any attempt to alter their sound signature might result in you not wanting them any more. Though I strongly recommend liquid gold to give them the much needed bass. They are light on bass, IMO. For pportable, look into amps named after airplanes. The cheap fiio stuffs are not worth pairing with beats HPs, again IMO.
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What's with bumping 2.5 year old threads?
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