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Cheap Bassy Headphones

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Hey guys. I'm still a noob when it  comes to sound, but probably better than the average person. Anyways, what are some good headphones with a ton of bass (think skullcandy bass, but not the same shitty quality) for about $20. Thanks for all the help!!

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I once purchased some $20 koss and it was really bassy. But the mids and highs were not good
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JVC AirCushion FXC67, Sony XB20EX, JBL and UE Metro-Fi 220.

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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post

JVC AirCushion FXC67, Sony XB20EX, JBL and UE Metro-Fi 220.

I know I haven't posted much on this forum, but I can vouch for the Metro-Fi 220's being very "bassy".  They performed great all across the board, in my opinion.  The only reason I upgraded from them is because the cord broke at the plug, and I was sick of the Radio Shack "universal" plug cutting in and out every minute.  I believe the 220's are going for $30 on ebay right now, which is a heck of a price for what you're getting.

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Meelec m6 or m9!

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Sennheiser CX-300 II


30 dollars on amazon!

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For big-arse basses, try the TDK EB900. I can't stand the basses on these!


For something more balanced, try the Meelec M9 or M6. Not at the same level than the TDK's though.


Of course, the JVC Air Cushions are worth mentioning. Big basses, too, and decent price.

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I think the Sony MDR-EX series of universal IEMS are bassy but decent for their price if they get discounted.  I use some MDR-EX55's that I picked up for like $30 on sale that I leave connected to my work computer for conference call and music streaming if I don't want to bring out my portable set up. 

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