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Anyone used before?  If so what were they like?

Traditionally in the past I've used Iheadphones, hifiheadphones and of course amazon with no probs.   However theheadphonecompany seem to be the only ones atm getting new stock in.  They have both w4 and shure se215 in stock.   Am tempted to try the new 215 as never had shure before.



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I havnt used The Headphone Company but i have used The Mp3 Company a few times with no problems whatsoever, which is the sister company. I am going to try The Headphone Company in a few weeks to buy The Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm Headphones as i am struggling to locate them anywhere else. I cant see you having any problems with them tbh, go for it, if your not sure the earphones you are looking for sell at the Mp3 Company anyway....bigsmile_face.gif

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I placed my first order with them for the W4 last thursday. They should have arrived next day (last friday).

Still not received them. I had to contact them and they couldnt find the order then they said Westone messed up the order and they had no stock until today. But the website has has been showing stock all week.


I've been told i'll recieve them tomorrow, we'll see.

I wont use them again. I wish I'd waited for iheadphones to get stock in 1-2 weeks time. I've never had a problem with them and used them many times.


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Advancedmp3players were quoting 1 april (hmmm!)for deliverys of the shure se215, other companys were quoting 3-12 days so for them to be saying in stock made me a little suspicious.  Looks like I'll carry on waiting!



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