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V-Moda Crossfade LP's (worth it?)

Poll Results: Are the V-moda Crossfade LPs Worth the Price

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I'm planning on buying a pair of V-moda Crossfades, and I wanna ask you guys opinions to see if it's worth it. Hows the lows, mids, highs. Durability? 

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They are among the bassier headphones out there, very good build quality, they are built like a tank and stand quite a bit abuse. It's a bit more "style" focused than actual sound quality though (sound quality wise it may be more closer to 100~$130 range) but not to the point Beats by dr. Dre are obviously which even lots of $50 headphones can keep up with nicely (or beat them) but if you're looking for the best possible sound quality for the price then look elsewhere but if you like the build and style of it and lots of bass then they'd be a quite good choice.


Note I haven't heard them myself but I've read a lot about them as they have been on my interest list sometimes. The highs appear to be a bit veiled, midrange is somewhat decent, not too recessed but is not the most detailed midrange.


So for some it will be worth it for others not, depends on your priorities.

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