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Amp/DAC recommendations for HD 650

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Hi everyone, I actually don't own the 650s yet but I do plan to eventually. I was wondering if you guys could recommends some amp/DAC that would pair up nicely with these phones. As of right now I just have my HD 280s running through my logitech z2300 speakers off onboard sound. I was thinking about looking around the price range of 200-300? I was contemplating on the fiio e7/e9 combo but would like other recommendations if there are any. I have a lot of hobbies, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to have the money to buy all the equipment at once. It seems to be an ongoing project to obtain the equipment haha


My other hobbies are photography and music as well as other misc things, so I'm trying my best to distribute my money around evenly. Unfortunately money doesn't come too easily for me, so I try to get the stuff I really want and be happy with it.


Thanks for the help everyone!

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You've posted in the wrong section. Anyway, for that price range you may want to consider the smaller Audio-GD combos like the NFB11/12 or Sparrow.

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