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ATH M50 or M50S? Amped or no? If yes, which amp?

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I am still up in the air for IEM, and for the time being going to run with the ATH M-50. Hear great things about it, especially the bass. Listen to a ton of trance. 


Anyway, is there a difference between the 50 or 50S? Also do these baby's need an amp to sound great from an mp3 player? If so, which amp? 


Is the FIIO E5 what I want? 

Thanks ya'll. 

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M50s are great without an amp.  But, a DAC would be nice.  I listen from my mbp and my mac workstations and the dac cuts down the noise by noticeable amount.  I personally paired mine with an audinst hud mx-1.  it's got great reviews.  but, you might want to check out this one too: yulong u100

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So no amp then? The FIIO would not do me any good? 


Also I need a new mp3 player, pref something I can wear on sleeve to the gym, 4-8 gig sized. Would appreciate some recommendations. 

And are the m50 or m50s any different from each other??

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Oh nevermind the S just means straight cable. So I want the other one. 

Want to buy these tomorrow, do I get a little amp or no? Nice mp3 player to match up?

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The only difference between the M50 and M50s, is that one has a straight cable and the other has a coiled. The one with the 's' has the straight cable (longer), while the other one has the coiled cable.

The m50's are fine without an amp. They are pretty easy to drive headphones. The fiio e5 should be an efficient amp; If you want a better amp, for a little bit more, wait for the E11

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unless you are thinking of getting any better headphones, you don't need one for m50s.  but i really don't think you'll be able to listen to these while working out.  these are closed cans and your ears will get extremely hot and humid.  


also not to mention these are supposed to be worn vertically.... they will slip off pretty easily while benching...

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I would get the m50 over the m50s. The difference is that the m50 comes with a coiled cable whereas the m50s comes with a straight cable. There is a bass heavy version of the m50 that comes in a blue box and a more neutral m50 that comes in a white box.


In my opinion, the m50 greatly benefits from a good source and an amp. If you are using an mp3 player though, I don't know how much a portable amp (especially the e5) will help. I wouldn't bother- don't worry they will still get unbearably loud =).

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I disagree about the m50's not liking amps. Here is my full impression:



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Thank you for the replies. 

I have a set of turbines and also turbine golds for gym, no worries there. 

Is there an ideal mp3 player/amp that I can tape or rubberband together as I do my daily thing? Needs to be portable, very busy student here. 

Thanks guys. So far, get M50, and possibly find a bass-heavy version in a blue box? Is there anymore info on that last part? How bass heavy are they? One or the other better for my application and music preference? 

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Great so I need the blue box version, not the white box. 

Anyone know where the heck I can get these from? I do not want to blindly order from amazon and not get what I want...

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Should I drop coin on an E7? 

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Also are either the Denon 1100's or the ATH M50's better for trance? Meaning I need tons of bass but super fast response. 

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For portable use I would say the E7 is not worth it. If you envision using the E7 as a dac out of your computer then its a great buy. Otherwise just buy a nice mp3 player- how about a rockboxed sansa fuze for 50bux =).

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Pretty much dead set on M50's and Cowon J3...

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M50s don't work well with the fiio e3 - in my experience it overemphasises the bass, and seriously quietens down the vocals (there's some situations where the e3 works well, just not here) not sure about the e3 tho- but from most reports with a *decent* amp, they sound better - kicks up an already excellent pair of headphones up a notch. They're no slouch unamped tho - i routinely use it with an ipod classic, and some friends have borrowed it to use with their phones, and they love it enough to want one ;) . Mine's probably a blue box varient



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