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Hi. So I'm looking for a pair of full-sized(or somewhat full-sized) headphones. I currently have a pair of Monster Turbine in-ear headphones. They're very good, but I'm not getting the full listening experience. I bought a pair of $300 Beats By Dr. Dre Studios. I returned them after a week: they were pretty disappointing. Not that they sounded bad( they were above average) but at $300 they weren't a good value. They also make a creaking noise while i'm wearing which was really annoying. So I narrowed my choices to the Denon AH D1100, Phiaton MS400, and Phiaton PS500. I've also considered the Audio-Technica M50s, but their Impedance is 38 ohms. I'm looking for something to drive off of my iPhone 4. I occasionally listen to music through my M-Audio AV30 speakers from my computer, but mostly on my phone. If anyone can give me quick feedback that would be great because my birthday's coming and i wanna buy something for myself. Thanks!

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