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Is this Audio Technica M50 fake?

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Hi forum, 
I've been looking to buy a pair of M50 for the longest time and finally I made my decision to buy from this US seller on Ebay. I am well aware that there are plenty of fake headphones out there. It seems like this particular pair is no exception. The headphones have horrible build, everything feels cheap and flimsy. I took bunch of pictures for you experts to be the judge. Please let me know what you opinions are. 



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I don't think so.  At least visually they look the same as mine.  and I think I know where you are coming with them being a little "flimsy".  It has that feeling because of the joints and the fact that the drivers rotate in every direction.  Are they used?

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looks used... or....




i dont have an ath m50, i have an m30 and the build quality is really sleek.

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Those look fake to me. My bag is made of a soft pleathery-ish material. The L/R indicators look VERY poorly made. The thing looks like its about to fall apart.

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contact AT.


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I had a good look over with my ATH M50. Visually, they look the same. Like others say, it looks more like it's been heavily used.

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send it to AT for a new pair.


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Originally Posted by Smallville View Post

Those look fake to me. My bag is made of a soft pleathery-ish material. The L/R indicators look VERY poorly made. The thing looks like its about to fall apart.

Exactly my thought. Around the edge is extremely dull and rough like it was randomly sanded down with sandpaper.


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send it to AT for a new pair.


I bought it from Ebay. Do they take fake stuff and give me authentic?



This is a brand new pair of headphone. The reason why it looks used is because the box isn't in the best shape so there are tiny dusts everywhere. The pictures on the box look like they were scanned from the original so the color is not true. Can I have some more inputs please?

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I have the white box version of the m50's. Your pictures seem to indicate very suspicious build quality compared to what I have. Maybe you just got a really f*****d up used pair lol. How do they sound though?

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They look old in the pic due to the dusts but they are new. They sound horrible though.


Guys, my M50 doesn't come with the warranty paper like this dude got in the video. Plus the white paper in the video was folded three times, my white paper folds only once.


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Hey, I wanna weigh in on this and tell you that those are 100% fake!!!

First indication that I saw was the top headband has lots of bulges/bumps and wrinkles (as if it isn't stuffed enough) and the sewing job leaves a big gap where as the real ATH-M50, you can hardly see the sewing.

2nd, the plastic is cheap and seems like it can fall apart any minute.

3rd, the earpads look horrible and cheap.


Now, Since you know they are fake, you can be 200% sure by opening them up.

When you open up you should see one of the 2 following images:

This if it is Genuine:



or this if it is Fake:






Also, take note of the head support thing. The sewing is a good indication of real or not.

The genuine ATH-M50 has a very small and almost non visible sewing job on the head support/headband whatever u wanna call it..




And Fake:



Notice how the sewing on the real one(upper image) is more tight and more accurate unlike the fake(lower image).

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Defnitely a fake, your doesnt have those tiny ridges too.


edit: is it only me or i can't see my display pic after i updated it ?

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It smells like fakes...

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Those things look like crap compared to mine. You can tell what kind of condition they are in just by looking at the box. Send those things back now! Why not just buy a pair off Amazon or something?

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The tolerances for how the parts fit together is much lower on your sample than on my known genuine M50 (bought from B&H). The material under my headband doesn't bunch-up as yours appears to do. The corners of the Audio-Technica logo triangles on my pair are sharply acute, whereas yours look slightly rounded off. Your box is completely, totally different.


On the other hand, mine were produced in 2010, which might account for some differences. Maybe.

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