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IEM suggestions

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Hi all,


I'm wondering if someone will be able to suggest an IEM for me.


I have Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 (currently I have Ety ER6i and also MC5). I am happy with the clarity of both IEMs but It is abit lacking of bass punches. I have been thinking of getting the Custom Fit for my MC5 but not sure if this will give a lot of improvement for the sound I am after.


I have the original Sony earphone - it has more bass than the two IEMs I have but clarity is no where near as the two Etys.


Is it better if I go with custom fit or get another IEM which will give the sound I am after?


I am listening to mostly jazz (vocal and acoustics) and bit of pop.


Just to make it abit harder to choose biggrin.gif, my budget is only for about $150. You are more than welcome if that price range is too little for the sound I am looking for.


Thanks again guys!

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Check out the multi iem comparison thread by ClieOS, it has plenty of imformation and it is very organised, you will find what you want very quickly. That guy knows a lot about iems.
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For <100$ I can recommend the HJE900 (sale or buy on FS forums), Hippo VB, RE-ZERO, or PFE 012. For <200$, the Q-jays, DBA-02, Monster Turbine Pro Gold ( my price for 170$), or TF10. I can't really suggest anything above 200 as I have never spent over that rolleyes.gif

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