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Hi again


I am fairly new into audio systems. I just recently had my Sennheiser HD 558 returned to the store and I am getting it replaced but with an upgrade to 598 but it is currently out of stock so I will have to wait for a week.


I had my 558 plugged into my onboard soundcard Realtek HD ALC888. The sound seems very delightful but I wouldnt mind getting a bit higher output to my headphones. Perhaps an DAC/Amp combo will help improve both the volume and quality? Will I be able to hear a remarkable change with the audio?


I play a few games but mostly I will be using my headphones for both movies and music with alot of bass...

Can you recommend any great combination that fits for my need?


I have been looking on


Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC


which I have to order and have it shipped to Denmark that will cost me 220 USD /w shipment


or there is the nuForce uDAC 2  which will cost me 180 USD but purchased in Denmark.


...or is not worth the upgrade with my current soundcard?


thank you in advance