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New RSA predator owner with questions/concerns

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Hello people,


I am now a proud owner of an RSA predator amp/dac! I love the way the amp sounds now and I know that it will keep sounding better as I burn it it. I do have some questions and concerns about the DAC section of the amp. When using it with my macbook pro, I was surprised with the fact that changing the volume on my computer while the dac is functioning actually changes the volume on the amp. I own other soundcards/DAC's, and none of them do that. Once connected to my mac, the devices bypass the software volume control and use the hardware instead. On the other hand, the predator's volume can be changed from the computer and from the volume knob on the device itself. Also, the DAC section sounds horrible with Itunes and all media/music players I've tried. However, the music on Grooveshark sounds very good, so I am really confused about why the DAC section sounds terrible with itunes, quicktime, vlc, etc... but sounds great with an online music player such as Grooveshark. I really hope there is a quick fix to this because the last thing I'd want to do is send it back for inspection/replacement. When I say terrible, I mean worse than plugging my headphones in my mac's headphone output; Which for those of you who own a mac, know that it's horrible sounding. 


Thanks for your support!

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It sounds like the volume you're changing on the Mac is actually a software volume. In any case, just leave it up at the maximum level and use only the knob on tho Predator to change volume. This will give you the best results.


Regarding the "terrible" sound, the only thing I could think to check the bit depth in the Audio MIDI Setup screen of OS X. I discuss this briefly here:




Good luck !

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There were no problems with the settings in the audio midi setup. I am very disappointed with the DAC sound quality. There's definitely something wrong here...

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Grooveshark makes the device sound fine? ... So it seems to me we can't quite blame the DAC if it works fine sometimes...


Can you be any more descriptive regarding _how_ it sounds bad? I'm not quite sure what to suggest...

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I'll take that back, some songs on grooveshark sound ok others sound just like itunes. When I play songs in itunes, and press play/pause, you can here a kind of echo or a kind of reverb that sounds very "electronic". I have just tested it on a windows computer and it sounds great, so there has to be something wrong with my computer. Any ideas what that might be?

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Hm! You got me.


Apart from filters or special software which you would be aware of if you were using, I really don't know what could cause what you describe.

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At least it's good that I isolated the issue. Maybe someone who owns a macbook pro can suggest what to do?

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If you are getting reverb then you most likely have the sound enhancer on iTunes, on. Go into preferences on iTunes to playback and you will find it there. 

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Nope, it's something much more problematic than that! It's really starting to frustrate me. I really see no reason why it works fine on a windows pc but not on my mac. Maybe I should try it on someone else's mac...

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This is so random. When using the Decibel music player, the sound is fine compared to when using itunes, quicktime, vlc and any other media player. I guess my predator is very picky with its choice of media players. Can anyone explain to me why I am experiencing bad sound quality with such players. Youtube videos sound great too... This is very weird and irritating!

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I don't know. I have a MacBook Pro and the Predator sounds fine. Maybe run a check on the software in disk utility. 

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Sounds fine when using quicktime 7, but terrible when using the old quicktime pro. How do i run a check on the software in disk utility?

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Go into your Applications file and then to Utilities. There you will fine Disk Utilities. On that you can run Repair Disk Permissions after you put the cursor on the hard drive. . I don't know if it is an issue or not but it won't hurt. 

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That didn't solve the problem Jamato. This is really getting on my nerves and I need to find a solution to this problem somehow...

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I don't know what to add. It works on my Mac with iTunes. I will mess around with some different things to see if I can make it act up. 

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