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Poll Results: Are the Skullcandy Mixmaster Mikes Worth It?

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Nice to see people opening their minds a bit. It's hard to get over brand loyalty, or in this case, brand hate. the Aviators and MMMs look suprisingly stylish, actually.

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Hate to revive an old thread, but has anyone tried these headphones out, yet?  Lot of mixed reviews.  Wired Magazine said they were horrible while Tyll said its very competitive at it's price range of $250-300 range.  I'm thinking of purchasing a pair, but I'll wait until a different color way comes out.  Preferably, one that gets rid of the shiny plastic look (like a matte black instead) and removes or at least makes less flashy the skullcandy logos on the side (again, makes them give off a cheap, childish vibe).

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Owned these for about 2 months now, and I really like them.   The reason why I decided on this over the ATH-AD900 was mostly because of Tyll's review over at innerfidelity.com.  But what tilted me towards this is the style.  Really nice looking, and second it's a sealed headphone..so it blocks some outside noise, and barely leaks any sound. (These were biggies for me since I share an office with people)


So pretty much...its the Mix Masters at work, Monster Coppers at gym, and the Q701s at home.  Q701s sounds WAY better,but leak too much noise to be taken outside.  Plus it's a beast to amp


Edit:  Seems like there's a new champ out there.  The AKG K550.  Haven't heard them, but I'm hearing it takes the throne.




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We just got the mixmaster and AKG K550 in the store today and I must say they are doing completely different things, where the AKG is about detail, more brightness and less bass the mixmaster has a LOT of bass while sacrificing some of the mids and highs, though they are very punchy. The AKG is the better allrounder in my opinion but for electronics the mixmaster is excellent, I did not expect myself enjoying this headphone so much, a friend of mine who is a rock buff was impressed with the mixmaster on his PA2V2 and enjoyed it even more then his HD 25 II while listening to various styles of rock



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double post

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Skullcandy sucks... or not?
Beats, Skullcandy, Wesc... not fond of any of these brands but when I tried the SC Mixmaster I was stunned !
They have such a growling bass without destroying the highs and mids.
Everywhere I hear people say the mixmaster is quite ok (or even good) for electronic music (that's why the are DJ headphones ofc) but I gave it some Rock... and boy it handled it pretty wel.
I love my sennheiser HD 25 II but the skullcandy actually was much more open while still providing a very solid bass attack.
The sound really surprised me, more open, more bass and more breathtaking than my HD 25's if I really have to be honest :s
But... then again like all his previous models Skullcandy's build quality is still quite uh... crap?
It looks like it would break quite easily and after reading some reviews I heard they also do.
That's the major drawback here, they look like a cheap toy, too bad because the sound is stunning.
If Scullcandy could deliver a build quality equal to the sound quality of the Mixmaster, it would be a nobrainer for me and I would buy them.
But hey that's just my opinion... :)


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Well I do expect to see more products sounding like MMM in the future as they are ditching their old crappy products and doing more in-house development instead of buying cheap china oem stuff, in a review with one of their recently acquired sound engineer, he actually said they plan to ditch their WHOLE old lineup haha and only MMM, Aviators and Hesh 2.0 are to be left as these already are part of their "supreme sound" lineup as they call this new more sound quality focused than previously headphones (they also mention focus on better build quality and comfort but yea there they still have a way to go, well comfort is probably very nice on the MMM though).


I just hope they start ditching their plasticky designs too and focus a bit more on durability, it's nice with lifetime warranty alright but wouldn't it be better to NOT make them break for starters. xD

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I liked the MMMs sound-wise... there is a bit of smudging though... some of the Bass DOES intrude on the MIDS! But what I really didn't like was that although the pads felt great, the plastic was actually pressing against my ear and made them uncomfortable... Build wise, I'm pretty sure that if I was a DJ they would NOT last long... I did a "face to face" with the V-Moda M80s on my blog (see signature) but never uploaded it (read: copy + paste) contents here on head-fi.


Anyway, the MMMs are OK! Now you can get them for LESS than $200 which actually makes them a good deal.

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For price they're going for, get the M-100 instead.


EDIT: Just realized how old this thread was, nevermind. I was a fan of the Aviators but was underwhelmed by the MMM. And these days, I figure the M-100 would be worth getting (the M-80s are better-sounding to my ears than the MMM).

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Well for that much money, I'd skip on ANYTHING Skullcandy, Beats, or Bose.

What kind of music does he mainly listen to? Does he want epic bass, a general balance, what?

Also, I assume he wants to get something to show off outside, so I'm sure he'll want something easy to drive as well.

edit: Sorry, the Mix Master Mike seems to be like a SERIOUS attempt my Skullcandy. They might actually be good, however, Skullcandy isn't well received here on Head-fi. If your friend were serious about those, he'd be one of the first to try them. Lots of people will be quick to put them down without hearing them, but that's usually because almost all Skullcandy products lack in sound, build, and everything else in general. The RocNation Aviator is one of the first to truly give Skullcandy some credibility, and it looks like the Mix Master Mikes may be even better. Just beware of the impending mob...

I ask he have a pair and many other headphones and by far these are not your normal Skullcandy these are by far better and they're well worth the money I suggest buying them on eBay or Amazon or craigslist you can get them cheaper but again they're worth the money
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