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Headphone Recommendations? Again?

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Hey just a few week or month ago I bought the ATH M50 with the help of people in this website 

And I appreciate the insight but for another reason  I was thinking of getting myself some new phones that isn't ATH M50 and at a moderate price range of 1-200 $ 

Of course.. I' looking for something with a lot of bass or something "equal" ... I guess like the  SRH 


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i was in that position a while ago.. i got the m50 and they were the best i had but i was still looking for more.. decided to get the denon d2000 (refurb) for 150 (http://www.mobilepc.com/Electronics/Denon-AHD2000-High-Performance-Over-Ear-Headphones) and the fiio e7 and e9... whole set cost me 350 but i think it will be worth it for me not to need to upgrade for a long time. 

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Perhaps you would like to try some open air options?  They should give you a nice contrast to the closed back sound of the M50s.  Here are some suggestions for ya:




Audio-Technica ATH-AD900


Beyerdynamic DT 440, DT 860


Grado SR125i, SR225i


Sennheiser HD558



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I would recommend the Beyerdynamic DT770, if you like bass. I have a pair of the 32 ohm version and really like them. The bass is present but doesn't overpower the rest of the frequency spectrum. I run them with the FiiO E7, but are easily enough driven out of an iPod. I have compared the bass in the Beyers with that of the M50 and in my opinion, the bass was more refined and "crisper" in the Beyers. I found them at B&H Photo Video for $193

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