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Close to Super.Fi 5 Pro's

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I'm after a little advice if you guys would be so kind. 


Back in 2007 I bought my first set of nice IEMs, UE Super.Fi 5 Pro's. After initially being dissapointed with the not bass heavy sound of my cheap Sony's, the monitors one day came alive and I fell in love with the sound. Last year however, the left side monitor broke and I've not been able to get hold of another pair. I then tried a pair of SE420's and was shocked at how much I hated the sound signature of these. They felt like they had very little bass and the mids were harsh and scratchy (I have tinnitus and am very sensitive to middle range sounds as a result). I then tried a pair of Super.Fi 5's - much better but nowhere as good as the Pro's. I've been searching for something as close to that lovely sound for 12 months now and after the jack connector broke on the 5's I need something new.


I've been put right off Shure with my experience of the SE420's so I wont be going down that route. I've been tempted by the UE 700's and also the Triple.Fi's which are pretty much the top of my budget but would really like to know how close the sound signatures are of both those sets to the Pro's. I'm also tempted by the Westone UM2's or just the 2's. 


I never considered myself a basshead but I did love the bass on both the 5's and the Pro's and I think this is due to my tinnitus so if anyone could reccomend one of the sets above I would be very appreciative.


Thanks in advance

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Well if youre sensetive to mid-range, but like the bass of the sf5 pro, maybe you'll enjoy the triple.fi 10's. The mids are a little recessed and I personally dont find them harsh at all. The TF10 bass has the sort of impact that can easily compete with dynamic driver IEM's, although there is noticable roll-off when closing in on the <30hz range. Highs are very clear and sparkly; if your tinnitus ear doesnt seem to mind that sort of thing, I would highly reccomend the TF10's

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Depends on how they're broken, you can always try to get them reshelled into customs.


Or you can always wait for someone to put them up for sale on the FS forums, but it's pretty rare because the resell value is really bad.

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The closest iems to the Super.Fi 5 pro sound signature I've heard are the Sennheiser IE7, Klipsch Custom 3, and the Westone UM2. The Westone 2 sounds more nuetral so it's probably not what you are looking for. I would recommend the IE7 over all of them.

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Thanks for those suggestions. I had looked into gettng them reshelled but cant fnd anyone in the uk who does this and i dont fancy sending them overseas. Looking into the ie7s now - if only i could find someone who has them in stock. I've noticed that a lot of the online stores where i've bought from in the past dont seem to have stock of most of the kit i've been looking at. :-(
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