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Hifiman RE 242??

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Just look at following videos




there seems to be no news on head fi on this. May be ClieOS or ljokerl know something

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Wow? Any idea about the positioning within the range and the price tag?

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nothing till now. But if my memory is not bad, i have read somewhere they will be around $70. Not sure about this though.

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Actually I have no detail about the 242 (in fact, haven't seen one before this thread), but 262 and 272 will be officially launched soon AFAIK. Judging from the price point, it seems to be more of a lower end product compared to the other two.

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This is the first I've heard of it but that's not surprising, considering ClieOS hasn't even heard of it yet. :P

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I must admit I didn't know about the RE-272 either. I'm wondering what kind of sound signature those will have.

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re-272? now this is something more important than 242
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Hmm.  It's nice to see the Hifiman lineup expanding. 

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If the RE272 can match what the RE262 can do, but add a little more presence to the treble and possibly a little more impact in the bass, it'll be very hard to resist.


The RE242 looks interesting, if it follows in line with what hifiman has been putting out, it may make the perfect backup pair of IEMs.

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Lets wait for re272. I dnt feel it will be a better re262, To me it will sound quite different. Just like W3 & W4


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damn , having already 252/262 and being very happy with both of them , the news for a potential 272 is indeed bad news for my wallet.....

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Originally Posted by mukulymn View Post

Lets wait for re272. I dnt feel it will be a better re262, To me it will sound quite different. Just like W3 & W4


What are you basing this on?

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Whoa, RE272 looks nice!

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Originally Posted by EraserXIV View Post

What are you basing this on?

He's just kidding his wallet into believing it's safe....
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I should have a 272 tomorrow, it's sitting in a parcel from Fang at Danish DHL office because I was not home when they tried to deliver Friday. In the parcel is also HE-4. These are demo goodies for the Danish meet on March 26th together with HM-601 and HM-602 that Fang has sent me earlier. Much appreciated :)


I previously tried the 262 and thought it one of the best universals available so will be interesting to see how the 272 performs. I have no idea about the pricing.


BTW. am just upgrading the firmware on both players, new firmware became available on the Head-Direct site yesterday. Don't know what has changed in this release

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