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Night Music Sounds Better - Why? - Page 2

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And this is why I bought a battery powered amp!

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Im 15 and i for surly believe that music sounds better at night. for whatever reason it does, and im interested in a dedicated line... where can i buy them and what the price? Thanks 

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It's all in your head.  Our ability to process stimuli change throughout the day, and during conditions of stress/relaxation.  The amount of time awake from sleep has an impact.  Most people I know have a drink or two after work.  There are many physiological variables in play.  Yes, AC power may change as well.  I'd like to see measurement evidence that changes in AC line quality affect the output of properly designed audio equipment.

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I often watch the TV late at night and find I can turn the volume down and still hear clearly what is going on. I think that volume has a major impact on sound quality and low volume sound quality is harder to achieve. For whatever reason, it is easier to achieve late at night.

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First off we should ask our blind audiophiles if they think their rigs sound better at night. Personally I think visual details are a distraction to listening.
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