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And this is why I bought a battery powered amp!

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Im 15 and i for surly believe that music sounds better at night. for whatever reason it does, and im interested in a dedicated line... where can i buy them and what the price? Thanks 

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It's all in your head.  Our ability to process stimuli change throughout the day, and during conditions of stress/relaxation.  The amount of time awake from sleep has an impact.  Most people I know have a drink or two after work.  There are many physiological variables in play.  Yes, AC power may change as well.  I'd like to see measurement evidence that changes in AC line quality affect the output of properly designed audio equipment.

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I often watch the TV late at night and find I can turn the volume down and still hear clearly what is going on. I think that volume has a major impact on sound quality and low volume sound quality is harder to achieve. For whatever reason, it is easier to achieve late at night.

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First off we should ask our blind audiophiles if they think their rigs sound better at night. Personally I think visual details are a distraction to listening.
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there is Definitely something to do with the power, even switching off some equipment and lights in my own apartment improves the sound quality, im thinking of buying some ups's or a power filter 

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Originally Posted by zotjen View Post

Sorry, but I don't buy this whole electricity thing. My TV picture looks just as good during the day as it does at night so there's no reason to believe electricity would affect how my music sounds. Electricity is not bandwidth so I refuse to believe increased usage affects the quality that comes into your home.


Music may appear to sound better at night because as others have said, there's less ambient noise, you're more relaxed, etc.


It absolutely sounds better. Electricity is the lifeblood of your system. As others have mentioned you get a lot more noise on the line during the day. That alone will affect it. But you also can have lower voltages during the day. Actually Electricity can and does vary quite a bit from house to house. Some houses can have voltages quite a bit lower than it should be. So your gear wont' even be running at where it's designed to. Also think of this, you ever use two hand tools on one line? It doesn't even have to be on one circuit even. You turn on one and it sucks the power out of the other one running, you can actually hear it and tell they both go slower. Dramatically sometimes even. That same affect can happen all the time through your neighborhood to a smaller degree. But it does affect your sound. When I was in my other house I had my big ole PC hooked up, when I ran a game or something and it was in full power mode I could actually hear my room fan slow down. Turn on the vacuum and the lights dim a little? Things like this absolutely have an affect on sound and especially amps. That same affect happens throughout your neighborhood constantly. The electrical grid ebs and flows all day depending on demand. Have you ever heard of rolling blackouts in really hot summer or really cold winter days? That's because the electrical grid is only operating on the brink of the low end of where it should be. In fact it's never really ideal, And some power grids are just horrible and aging bad. but at night there is far more available clean raw power. Amps are power beasts and need to be fed clean power. DAC's are very very sensitive to clean noise free power. And they show it. And then you have people actually saying they hear a difference to confirm and back up what is going on. Your gear was designed to work optimally at a constant voltage in a lab and on paper. In the real world you never ever get that unfortunately. The closer you get to that ideal perfect power and correct voltage the better. And this is going to vary for each persons house and where they live so someone may hear a big difference at night and some may only hear a small one. 


But yes ambient noise outside is also a big factor. That makes a big difference. Everything is much quieter. However many people are in basements and well sound insulated man caves and still hear a difference at night. Sometimes it's a very dramatic improvement. 

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