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ATH-AD700 vs. ATH-A700 vs. DT990

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I feel kinda bad that I'm dragging this question out again, but I ended up spending the last week in the hospital and now that I'm out I went back to trying to find a pair of headphones.  The main uses are going to be rock, jazz, gaming, movies (pretty much in that order).  My original budget was $150 so the DT990s are more wishful thinking, but I'm still keeping them on my short list.


I like open headphones, but I'm afraid the AD700s just won't have enough bass, so I'm leaning toward the closed A700s.  My two main questions are...do they sound good?  And are they comfortable?  I found Sennheisers to be way too tight.  I plan to power them straight out of an X-fi Titanium HD for now.


Also, are there any others I should look at?  I'm trying to find something that's more fun, as opposed to reference.

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I think the A700 likely are the better option for you as they have an exceptional soundstage(essential for gaming), a stronger deeper bass response than the AD700 as well as an excellent overall sound sugnature that is definitely more on the fun side. 

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Oh, I hope you are doing okay. smile.gif


Between the AD700 and A700, you might want to check out my comparison in my signature.


The Sennheiser HD558 and HD598 are two recommended in this range as well. They are both very balanced. Although they are way overprice right now, many have said you can get them for much cheaper if you call or something like that. I've heard those don't have a very tight clamp, so they should be very comfortable. (Were you referring to the HD650 as too tight?)


You can also check out |joker|'s headphone review thread here.


Good luck!

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I'm doing better than I was...thanks for asking.  I need to go back for a couple more treatments this week, but they said I can do them out-patient now.  I was actually using the HD555 when I found them tight.  I sent them back and went back to my PX100 for now.


I just read through your review of the A700 vs AD700 and it was enough to sway me back in the other direction.  I really wish there were places where you could try different headphones and decide what you wanted to buy. 


Anyway, I really need to get to bed, so I'm not buying anything tonight.  If I can ever make a decision, I'll post a review on the board.

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One strange thing today I found out about the AD700 is that if you get a very loose fit they will seem like the most bass light headphones you've ever had in your life!

I bent the headband together a fit and simply attached a rubberband to the wings to create more clamp. Now the mids don't feel as distant and there is now BASS!!

I still find that they have a slight dip in the mids somewhere. It's very noticeable when you listen to dialogue in movies and games. AD700 I actually like a lot for music?!

HD-650 and AD700 are a good pair. AD700 feels like 65-70% of what my AD2000 was, but with a much bigger soundstage. Poor AD2000, I'll miss it.


AD700 for $85 is such a steal. I have a small head and it was hard to get a good fit. If you've got a big head, the AD700 should be a perfect fit!


Now with more clamp the bass is actually pretty decent now. I wonder if the AD900 has the same comfort of the AD700?

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 I wanted the DT990's after reading Mad Lust Envys gaming headphone thread as I wanted something with decent bass while remaining somewhat open. The AD700's sound great in that they are sparkling clear and the soundstage is great (immersive in that way). I just find the bass lacking but I can see why some would be satisfied with it. When my games went "boom" or I was inside a spaceship with the ship vibrating, I found it lacking. 


Which DT990 you want? Apparently the DT 990's are 149 here: http://www.compuvest.com/Desc.jsp?iid=1619834. The website looks crappy & shady but from some reviews they seem legit. I almost bought them but opted for the hfi580 for various reasons yesterday. Also in the deals thread, there is an online store that has 20% plus coupon offers and I think they carry the DT990's as well in which they come out to 150 or 200 (I forget). 

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I think the A700 likely are the better option for you as they have an exceptional soundstage(essential for gaming), a stronger deeper bass response than the AD700 as well as an excellent overall sound sugnature that is definitely more on the fun side. 

 Exceptional soundstage is essential for competitive shooting games, not gaming in general. I feel people can be mislead to the wrong headphones when told that without asking what kind of games they play. I returned my AD700's because they were terribly boring & lacking bass for gaming (aside from competitive shooters where they shine) which didn't help with the immersion. Even though I bought them for gaming first I found them terrible for 3/4's of my music genre due to the lack of bass.

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You could always try the used forums for DT990s I've seen some go for $180 and I even saw an ad somewhere else for $150.

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I actually went for the AD700s, but I'm hoping I don't regret that now.  I used to be into shooters, but I find lately I mostly play RPGs (and ME2 which I guess is RPG, but isn't).


If I had gone for the DTs, I would have bought the 250 ohm since my sound card can only go up to 350.  Now that the ADs are on their way, I guess I'll at least try them before deciding what to do.  My long term plan was to start with a modest headphone, add an amp, and eventually get the 600 ohm DTs.

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So, I got the AD700s and I love them for about 85% of the music I've been listening to.  And the rest, I can live with since I don't listen to anything bass heavy like hip hop.  Plus they are extremely comfortable.  The problem I've found is with gaming.  When I get to action sequences with explosions, there just isn't enough bass.


So...should I return these and look for an all-around headphone that can do everything?  Or should I consider this the start of a headphone collection (I now own two pair, these and PX100).  I can see using these for hours at a time for music and finding something else exclusively for gaming.  Plus if I get back into counter-strike type games I can see using these.


If I go with option two, whats a good bass heavy headphone with a decent sound stage for games?


Thanks for you help.


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I've been trying out some more games, and there's only one game that the bass really bothered me in.  I think I'll just go with the AD700s and use the PXs for that game.  Eventually I'll probably upgrade, but for now I'm enjoying the ADs for music.

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If you can afford to keep the AD700 and purchase another pair of headphones than I suggest going with that route.  These are a few gaming recommendations for ya:


Beyerdynamic DT 770 32 Ohm, DT 990 32 Ohm


Sennheiser HD595, HD558, HD598

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Hey DP,


Thanks for the advice.  I think that's the route I'm going to go.  The AD700s are too sweet for music at the price I got them at to send back.  I'll probably setup my logitech z680s for single player games until I can get a better headphone.  After all, single player is more about immersion than directionality and the bass note on logitech's are so loud that they're almost obnoxious.


BTW, why recommend the 32 ohm DTs over the 250 ohm?  From everything I've read, higher is better.  Had I gone with the Xonar Essense instead of the Ti HD, I would even have been looking at the 600 ohm.  If I can afford the proper amp with it, I still might when the time comes, I'm just curious why you find the 32 ohm better.  Thanks.



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Quick followup on the last question for anyone who knows...can the 600 ohm Beyer headphones be run directly out of the Ti HD?  It doesn't have the built-in amp that the Xonar has, but Creative claims the Op-amp says it can take up to 350 ohms.  I really like the card, but its a shame they couldn't have included an amp for the money.

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Ah, so you're getting the Xonar Essense?  Then by all means get the 250 Ohm version, I suggested the 32 Ohm version because they are easier to drive than their higher impendance siblings.  Now that you plan on purchasing a high end sound card, then you should have no issue(maybe a little difficulty with the 600 Ohm version) driving the higher impendance version.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear.  I considered the Essence, but settled on the Titanium HD.  Its also high-end, but runs headphones directly off the op-amp.  I'll probably go for the 250 ohm version since Creative claims up to 350 is fine.

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