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May - June Chicago Meets ??

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I was wondering if there was any interest in trying to get a small meet together in the May / June time frame this year in the Chicago area? ChiUniFi 5 isn't until early November, which is a long time to go between meets.
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I'm up for it.

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I'm interested! Thanks steve.
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Anyone have a suggestion for a location?
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I would be in and I have things to bring this time.



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Any more interest? If we are going to do this, we need to get more definitive plans.

With no National Meet this year, June may be a good time to do this.
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June works for me.

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I will actually prefer one in May. I'll be taking an oversea course in Spain during the entire June. Might I suggest the weekend of May 14th or 15th? It so happens that there will be a pen show in Chicago that weekend and I'll be able to attend both meets! atsmile.gif

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May 14th would work for me. Anywhere in the Chicagoland area is fine, just let me know.

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Okay, let's go for May 14th.

I have been talking with Ray Samuels regarding spots up in the Chicago area to host a small meet since I live in Central Illinois. Ray graciously offered to host this at his place in Skokie, IL and the 14th works for him.
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oh sweet! especially since the one thing that i want to audition is the RSA SR71B!!

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Awesome!!!!!!!!!! I am there, so there! Thanks for the pm Steve.
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Mark me down for May 14th too.



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I've got one pending engagement.  But if it swings my way, I am THERE!!  Love hangin' with Ray!


Thanks for the Heads Up Steve.

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I don't really have any equipment to audition off though, if that's an issue.

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