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And as far as having to "crank it to 11" to get bone shattering bass, either your source or your cans are sh1t.
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As mentioned by RPGwizard , I suggest the OP needs to try EQ'ing the sound before looking for new cans.  If I wanted my XB700s to vibrate my face I would lower the upper 7 bands and then normalise the volume.  This gives you the bass without the ear slitting highs.  Infact I do this will all of my headphones, even the mighty ultrasone pro 900. 



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I'd sell my kidney to afford the Pro 900 biggrin.gif
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I recommend against DT770 (PRO 80 which is the bassiest of all, I think). I think HFI-580 would serve you much better. In short, DT770's quite muddy compared to 580. See my signature for the reasons.

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I'm tempted to say that as a bass lover, I enjoy (bass wise) my EQ-ed XB500 more than the D7000. Don't waste money if you just want a bassy good time.

XB500 + EQ = bliss
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In regards to EQ, what do you guys use? What I mean is, is there any programs that I could DL that would allow proper EQing of songs? I am only using the equalizer via iTunes and that's it....
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I'm not exactly a professional EQ-er myself. I use the winamp's internal equalizer, and when I'm on the go, I use my stock Sansa Fuze eq. All I do is bump up everything up a few decibels evenly besides the bass area of the frequency. Mids and treble boosted is all I need to enjoy the XB500.
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Yea I just checked it out and I cannot download it for my MBP mad.gif

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I'm sure there's some audio player for Macs that have an internal EQ. O_O



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Winamp EQ is among the crappiest EQ I've tested. :p Usually EQs built into media players aren't the best ones, foobar2000 is the best working one I've tested among those though but usually soundcard's EQ if you don't run it through an USB dac works usually better.

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Like I said, I'm not a pro. I only EQ until I'm happy, which is all I need. I'm not looking for budget beaters, and I don't take the XB500 seriously. They're a cheap thrill, and a cheap EQ is all I need for them. I don't EQ anything else whatsoever. If I took them seriously, I wouldn't own them, as I'm not into EQ-ing my cans otherwise.

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