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Regarding visits, everyone is most welcome. Our hours are a bit sporadic and thus simply dropping by may find us out of the office. But we are very flexible about opening the office up for a scheduled visit. Just give us a call at 206-451-4275 or email us at queen at bottlehead dot com. For a little extra incentive here is a photo of the new listening station I have been putting together. Hope to have it up and running by next week:





Nice setup!  Well, I need to get to a Seattle meet.  I just jumped in an stepped up my desktop rig headphones (T1 and AT AH AD2000).   I'm trying to decide between the two, but I'm feeling like my amp may be letting the T1s down a lot so I'm not getting a proper comparison.  However, I'm hoping to try out amps before leaping in and spending more $$$$.  That said, I need to find a place to audition some amps.