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EQ7 VS. HJE900: lightning and thunder

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i onced said that the panny is a dreamy iem.
and the ortos, ba at heart, dynamic in spirit.
the comparison of ORTOFON EQ7 and PANASONIC HJE900.
two of the nicest among top tier iems.
The Ortofon EQ7 is priced at $329 at ALOaudio.
while the Panasonic HJE900 is priced at $249 and $375 at Amazon.com
my only aim is to share the idea of how they sound to what kind of genre of music.
CALLING, Geri Haliwell, Pop.
the panny is all natural to my ears.
theres still the honesty in music that ive mentioned in my review.
the bass here is of dynamic quality.
the sound is truly immersive kind.
the sound of the  guitar is convincingly true...
its like honesty...it wont fool you of any kind  of coloration at all.
hear all that is there in the music. 
it wont fail you to present all the details and clarity.
on the ortos, the representation of music is very different.
theres this voice of gery haliwell, it is of more high quality...
exceptionally presented well.
the bass here is also dynamic kind. theres a lot of energy to it.
the ortos will drown you to its airy and liquid kind of presentation.
it will make you forget that you are using an iem in your ears.
BILLIE JEAN, Michael Jackson, Rock.
the sound here will make you dance...
it will move you...
it will make you dance the way michael jackson holds his "balls".
and throw his hat...
however, there is a small problem for me here.
the voice.
yeah, it seems he is too far away to me.
too distant.
the instruments are everywhere, but the voice is like in the back of all the bass.
the highs, is just fine...very immersive...like i said.
back up voices of michaels are coming out everywhere.
ooops, there it is...the sibilance.
tsk tsk tsk...i am reminded once again why i sold this pair of earbud.
there is rumbling bass that goes in front of everything...drowning you.
the details and the clarity, the bass is truly what i really desire to all of my iems...
the kind of bass here is really one of a kind.
something defined and goes deep.
everything is controlled here.
the bass doesnt lack, its controlled well.
there is the liquidness in the voice, the air...
immersive as the pannys, but presented in a very different manner.
there is no sibilance....
the highs extends very well, but controlled too.
i cannot say the bass here can compete with the pannys' quality bass.
this just cant.
but im not saying this doesnt give a quality bass.
it does, but not the kind of bass that i really like in the pannys.
still the bass is enjoyable. 
the guitar here is amazing.
its real.
and it matters to me.
because im hearing quality.
and honesty.
the highs is just freaking good.
its just right.
im not hearing sibilance yet...so still fine.
the voice, is not as nicely done as the ortos.
its like hiding in the back again...
i like the pannys bass and the highs here.
i hear the crash of the cymbals...with life into it.
drums is really true too.
greeted once again by the liquidity of its music.
im missing the pannys presentation of music.
its more real on the pannys.
however the crash of cymbals here is not as nice as the pannys.
the voice, is more likeable here.
there is an instrument that is audible here but barely on the pannys...i dont know what kind is it, but its here...
the bass here is as dynamic as the pannys...but quantity of force and air may differ.
its like im surrounded more by instruments here.
more in 3d kind.
theres spaces between each instruments..more noticeable here than the pannys.
more musical than the pannys.
ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, Chielli Minucci, acoustic instrumental.
ooohhhh...so lovely.
the dreamy state again im in before...its back again to me.
immersive. high quality. im addicted by the airiness and the kind of presentation here is just perfect.
the richness is flowing all over my body.
cymbal crashes sometimes sound a bit harsh and piercing but not too much.
bass is deep and defined. i like it very much. 
theres a sense of air.
flowing everywhere.
all the instruments are alive.
it makes me dont want to put this iem down anymore.
theres the pannys signature everywhere. 
everything is perfect.
all is working right.
its effortless in every way...and it doesnt even sweat in doing its thing.
here...ooohhh.. liquid.
but not as sharp as the pannys presentation.
more effortless than the pannys.
more super-micro details than the pannys.
musical it is....but honesty...ill give it to the pannys.
no harshness that i found in the pannys.
no earpiercing cymbals crashing.
immersive in its own right.
the liquid signature is over flowing.
rich in details as the pannys.
but...there is more soul in the spaces.
more body to the electric guitar than the pannys.
theres a thick note with it...that i didnt notice in the pannys.
seems like pannys can be competed fairly and simply by eq7.
however, here the air is more lushier.
and theres more micro details more.
that i havent notice in the pannys presentation.
the bass just cant go deep as the pannys.
but it is also again, a dynamic kind of bass.
music is everywhere...its free to move everywhere. more 3dimensional.
NO MORE CRY, The Corrs Live, Concert Live
nice...just nice.
im satisfied.
the guitar is real again.
every strings plucked has a life in it.
the voice is ok.
its fine.
i can hear the back up singers...
instruments here sings with life in it.
there is a sweetness in its presentation.
its the highs...its making the music more lovely.
and addictive.
woah...same as the pannys.
there is the sweetness i found in the highs.
however, the instruments here is more right.. sounding more musical.
more dynamic and there is lightness to their body.
its more thick..the notes. the instruments command authority.
the voice is of high quality.
the voice is defined very well...i never heard this in the pannys.
even andrea and even the back up singers...all is clear.
eq7 is built specially for voices...it is its mark. its signature.
everything is musical.
this eq7 excel in the voice.
youll be allured by its signature.
naturally beautiful.
I wont say that one of this is the best against the other.
they only have differences.
and they sound great at their own right.
i would prefer the panny if i value the instrument.
it is all naturally done here.
no coloration.
or whatsoever.
call it honest.
that's what it is.
it wont try to fool you of anything that is not in the music.
The instruments are perfect here.
however, there are times when i hear sibilance.
and i hate it.
my ear aches whenever it presented too much treble.
specially at crashing cymbals at certain times.
too hot at times.
blinding my ears too much.
however, most of the times it is sweet.
and its just nice.
i find the pannys a little behind the eq7 in voice presentation.
it doesnt excel very well.
too bad.
if only the pannys could have the EQ7's voice sweetness, i could say heartily, that im taking the pannys over the eq7.
there were times when i hear differences in each others presentation.
truly, the eq7 is one of rarest in iem with good voice presentation.
it cant be matched by my iems ive tried and have...
ue700. mx980. pannys. 
there is a BA-quality details everywhere.
it has a 3d like soundstage.
very good instrument spaces/separation.
the eq7 is very musical, more effortless than the pannys.
however, i didnt hear the REALISM in its instrument presentation when compared to pannys.
but, the eq7 do the music in the orto way.
thicker notes than the pannys, more micro details are present, the voice...exceptional. 
but, more magical in its own right and its own way.
you will be welcomed by its liquidness and airiness upon first listen.
you decide.
both are immersive.
both are musical to my ears.
when not compared, i think, id be happy to own one...
and not missed one as long as i have either a panny or the eq7.
however, in my case, i hate sibilance.
i had first the pannys.
before the eq7.
the reason why i sold it long ago to our fellow headphiler and friend - panzimus.
bought the eq7 in its stead.
the eq7 may not have the realistic instrument presentation, but i would prefer this more to pannys because i value the voice.
i listen mostly jazz and blues...
youll be happy if you own either one of this iem.

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This better be posted or I'm reporting you. biggrin.gif

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Well done. Nice pics.



Looks...no contest.



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please...dont ask why i named this lightning and thunder.
i really dont know.
maybe its because both can be seen from the sky with a spark of light.
and i can relate them as both iem that share the same spark but  still very different against each other.
they are both good iem...considered to be among top tiers.

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Originally Posted by GreatDane View Post

Well done. Nice pics.



Looks...no contest.



thanks greatdane for reading.

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LMAO i'm subscribed :p

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I like the way you use words like "honest" and "true" to describe the sound of the HJE900. Very poetic way of describing its realistic timbre cool.gif
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^thanks' sir.



thanks for subscribing.

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Nice pictures and review. Out of curiosity, what source are you using? I don't detect any sibilance when I use them on my J3...

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Thanks pinoyman for another great review in your special, poetic style! Oh, and I wouldn't have minded a few more pics... wink.gif

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