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Which LOD to get?

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Well I've read somewhere that expensive and cheap LODs sound almost exactly the same but I'm not really sure, so was just wondering if you guys could help me choose whatever I should get a expensive or cheap LOD

(For expensive)

Moon Audio Silver Dragon $100 -

ALO Cyro Dock $85 -


(For cheap)

ibasso CB07 $36 -

Low Profile LOD on ebay $45 -


Oh never mind lol no one seems to care anyway I'll just buy some mid priced LOD


Thanks for your timebiggrin.gif



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I am actually really curious about this too! 

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Sorry mike your post got lost in what is a very busy site, it happens. There is also loads of info already out there on LODs using the forum search.


I bought an iBasso LOD for half the price off ebay as iBasso buy them in and give them their own name. The same is true with most cable makers, especially smaller bespoke ones, the maker buys in the parts, sometimes off the shelf, sometimes specified and puts them together.


I would not buy an expensive LOD as it will perform the same as a cheap one as listening tests have failed to find any reliably distinguishable difference between cables. But you can get the expensive one if you want the image and like the looks.

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Buy the cheapest LOD you can find.  They all sound the same.  Don't worry about image and looks.  The only people you will impress are the idiots who spent $200 on an LOD.

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I would get a low profile LOD simply because it doesn't stick out as much as the others...normal_smile%20.gif

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Hmm well I was thinking of buying this lod off of ebay for $70, it is a mix of silver and copper wiring, but I'm wondering if 70 is too much for it.

Here's a picture of it :

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hey Mike, just my .02, i've been using a copper/silver plated LOD for about a year now it was, from compicatx, out of turkey, , he's reasonably priced and does great work, but customs sucked, it took 6 weeks to recieve? ugh! 


i've also just bought a silver DIY low profile LOD from a fellow Head-Fier, and what a difference between the 2, my setup is a GS Voyager which is a very dark amp, 6.5 gen classic, and TF10's, and the difference the silver LOD has made is so significant, its brighter and airier, more detialed and revealing, it brought out the mids and highs in a more defined way, and has enlarged the soundstage by quit a bit, just the upgrade that has transormed my rig, and it only cost me $35.00, although it took 7 weeks to arrive from Canada ta-boot, what up wid dat? that smokes, need to get a new address, lol, but still well worth the wait

and boy oh boy, its just the sound i've been looking for, i thought something was wrong with my Voyager for the longest time, don't get me wrong it sounded great, but what a difference that silver LOD has made, and it being a low profile, i've got no more concerns on catching it on something, and ruining either the ipods or the amps connector, so i'm very very happy about the whole upgrade 


I'm sure from one copper lod  to another i wouldn't have noticed any difference, but from copper to silver, its a night and day difference and experience


i was worried about it not arriving and if it hadn't i was going to get this one instead looks like a good one, cheaper and similar to the copper hybrid your looking at aswell 

and also here is a copper/ silver plated hybrid for cheaper 


hope this has helped!

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you could go to qables, and get a low profile din, a 1 meter silver wire(for 7 bucks), and a 3.5 mm connector from, well wherever. Thats about 20-25 bucks.

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