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IE9 and the forums

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Hello :)


Id like to post that the forums are really broken in IE9. Im not sure if it detects it (the browser) as something else but when posting, viewing profile, etc. it freezes up and never comes out of a "Please wait" popup with dark background.

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You know you're too much into headphones when an "IE9" thread makes you think Sennheiser launched a new product. tongue.gif

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Damn, I fell for it too. Perhaps the OP should change the thread title.

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for some reason i cannot use the "back" button on this site in ie9!!

its **** annoying.

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riahc3 and oldson, what verson of Windows are you using?


I'm trying to re-create these issues for the tech team to investigate further, as it's a whole heck of a lot easier to track down when we have the reproducible steps. 


If you guys can give me URLs you were on and the actions you were attempting when these issues arise, or if you can do a screen capture when it happens using something like Jing, it would help us out.


I'll still continue testing, and I'll post here with any updates.

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sorry mate not too great at using the pc.

i am using win 7 home premium, all current updates.


hate to say it but, i dont know what a URL isredface.gif

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oh and the pages take an age to load too.angry_face.gif

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not being able to go "back" on this site is really beginning to annoy me now.

anyone got any ideas?

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this is bollox

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Best thing to do would be install a new browser. Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Try them, see if you like one, and check how they perform on the forum.

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dont know what is going on but tonight it has started workingconfused_face_2.gifbigsmile_face.gif

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