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Grado vent mod

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I was wondering if anyone knew how many holes are "vented" (not covered in the felt material) around the driver in the various higher-end Grado models. 


I recently opened two holes on my SR-80, and I like the change, and I'm curious to do more, but I really don't want to overdo the amount of bass.



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I went with six holes on my SR60i's and the bass just went through the roof. On my clip+ the sound is more smooth and doesn't bother the mids but on my computer's onboard audio the bass just completely takes over. Maybe a dac may fix it since onboard audio isn't the greatest audio source. Still considering in covering a few holes with some felt to see if I like the effect.
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I was pushing the vent mod when others were thumbing their noses at it.  I love it.  Grado doesn't vent the plastic Prestige series.  Grado does vent the woodies, beginning with the RS1 (RS2 users can correct me if I'm wrong).  The GS1000 vents four holes as does the PS1000.


I like to vent all ten holes.  It does produce a very prominent bass but that allows me to feel as if the music were live, and to do so on the run, without an amp.  It's what I'd go for with an amp and/or EQ.  I like to wear my headphones while writing and having such dynamic headphones, in an environment where I don't want to drag around an amp, is very nice.  I got rid of my M^3 with STEPS after venting.

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Do you know how many holes are vented on the RS1?


It makes sense to vent four holes on the GS1000, since it uses the jumbo pads and probably needs a bass boost to compensate. Has anyone compared a vented Sr60/80 to an RS1? If so, with the vent mod is the bass quantity/quality comparable to the RS1 or even more?



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I found that when venting you would only need to make 3 holes. Anything after that and the bass gets a little to prominent. You don't even have to cut holes, just use a ball point pen a just barely punch a hole. 


Just be careful as pushing the pen too far in can potentially ruin the driver and diaphragm.

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The whole point of using a ball-point pen is to keep from pushing too far.  The body of the pen prevents the point from going beyond a certain point.  It's completely safe.  No need to worry.


After pushing the hole in, you may want to clear it a little.  This is easily done with the plug of your headphone.  In this case, you CAN push too far, so stay within the first stage of the TRS tip and you'll be fine.  Reeming the ball-point hole creates a nice, clean vent.  Most people consider four holes their sweet spot.  I like using all ten - but that's because I also pair the mod with good wood.  Grado uses mahogany.  The most practical choice I've found is cocobolo, which is not as hard to get or as expensive as the king of tonewoods, Brazilian mahogany.  It's also nicer-looking (in my opinion) than East Indian rosewood.

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i did four on the old 225 and 2 on the 60.

i also seal the ear foam that bring out bass as well

now the 325is took me a year to voice. felt and tape and socks, i found that the 325is needs to be further off the ear than the other 225/60 I have fussed with.

The bass extension has always been there on the 325is just needs to kick it up and that is done by seal before vent and the 2500Hz leading edge sharpness is brought under control by position  and seal now all i have to do is vent arthroscopicly .

the 325is voiced to my ear is hi end detail and bass extension the heavy alum does wonders for dampening and acoustic mass transfer loss is reduced. I plan on one hole at a time, 2-4 max. Bill likes to remove the white screen on the 60 i have not tried that have you tried venting just some off the white screen holesphoto-2.JPG


these are the felt and sock ear thingies  on the 325is... I use "special 33" vinyl tape from the hardware store  it is softer and more flexable than cheep stuff ..i use  felt furniture mat.. it is the green you see , and this keeps the white screen further off the ear..that was all it needed to kill the 2500Hz leading edge sharpness that get called "bright"  note the 325is is louder than the 225/60 and the brightness is fixable which leaves bass and hi end detail...

remember kids voice the canz to your ears and nobody else. these are merely suggestions on what to try. i say seal foam then vent as necessary. 1 at a time. I have small ears that are paralel to my head and these fit around my whole ear. never on so that is my Grado 's never were uncomfortable with L-cush.

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