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MY first Studio headphones

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I need advice to buy my first Studio/audiophile Headphones for Music and Movies
I will also be doing some gaming with them

Will listen mostly to Pop music and some Dance/trance on Mp3 320kbps 100db
(i might go over to Flac in the future but for now i need stay with mp3 since since i use mp3gain to higher volume for mp4players i never listen to music under 99db and so far found very few programs that increase db in flac)
anyway i never go under 256-320 kbps quality and sometimes m4a

This headphones will NOT be used for the mp4 player but all music i have on Pc i adapt to it

have separate headphones for mp4 player so this studio headphones is for inndoor use

Beside music i watch Action/Sci-fi/scary movies and play Shooter games like Crysis,mass effect,dead space and road simulators.
I also plan do a few use of them on my Homecinema Tv for movies and Ps3 but mainly headphones will be for Pc use.

I plan on getting either X-fi extreme gaming or Titanium HD soundcard (has to be X-fi compatible with most games)

Ok so the most important for me is that headphones has good bass for Pop music
can give good explosions on Movies and still be aceptable for gaming.
(i dont care about if you can hear footsteps or not in the games just good sound)

Keep in mind This would be my First ever Studio headphones
and so far the best normal headphones i owned has been Koss KSC35/75 or Sennheiser Px100 which i use now

Have narrowed by choices down to:

Beyerdynamic Dt990 Pro 250ohms (Good bass, but hard to drive would need to buy an amp later)
Beyerdynamic Dt770 pro 80ohms (Easyer to drive but might be a bit over bassed)
Audio Technica AD 700  (perfect for games, good for music but lack bass)
Sennheiser HD 595 (good for all around music,movies,games.... but not good for some kind of music?)

Btw, I am leaning most toward Beyerdynamic since i love how they look
anyway i think any of this choices would be good it just depend how good they are for me.
Keep in mind my taste for Pop music and Dance/Trance music.

As for Price Max price is HD595
but preferable around the price range of DT770/990 pro.
(Dt770/990 premium or MMX300 is too expensive right now)

I have no problem getting an Amp later in fact i find Tube ambs quite fun

I absolutly love how that blue Fornier Dac/amp look i saw on ebay i realy want to buy it later on.
but need to save some money for amp in future not now.


For now i see most important to have a good Soundcard like X-fi xtreme gaming or Titanium HD
For me is most important that soundcard work perfect for games than going the Asus xonar way of better sound.
also pricewise x-fi is better for me .

So What do you recomend for headphones
i need to buy them at online store.

Should i go Beyer as my first headphone?
This video inspired me a lot:



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Hmm ok didnt see that thread

so i copy my question over there

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