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I bought some and they are on the way. I created a bit of a wishlist and from all my readings on the PR401 they seem to fit well with my listening...



Currently Owned:
Sunrise SW-Xcape v1
MEElectronics M6P (running)
Fischer Audio Silver Bullet
Head-Direct RE0
Wishlist or Interesting:
Brainwavz M3 (M4 soon)
MEElectronics CC51, A151
Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition
Xears XE200PRO (Xi200PRO? XSR330PRO?)
Shure SE215
HiFiMAN RE262 (need amp?)
newer Fischer Audio models?
Previously Owned:
Etymotic ER6i
Etymotic MC5
Head-Direct RE2



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I just received mine today. I'm wearing the PR401 right now and it's very comfortable and lightweight feeling in my ear (medium sized stock single flanges). They came with one pair of each size Sony hybirds too.





My musical preferences are: World (Instrumental), Classical, and Jazz


Ohhh man, these are SO GOOD sounding. I'm flipping through tracks right now. Definitely a logical upgrade and perhaps an improvement in most areas versus the Silver Bullet if you like that. I love the SB myself, but find some of its frequency bumps obscure detail, also the slight sibilance gnaws on my ear after a while. The presentation, body, and musicality of these IEMs is just sublime and I'm only just listening to them. The bass reminds me of the SB (soft and rich like the reviewer said) while also being quick, surprisingly deep, and impactful. Treble extends beautifully without any distracting sibilance and really gives all types of music a nice sparkle and kick WITHOUT being fatiguing or... ... upfront sounding? It's all in the presentation and soundstaging. I was shocked at how pleasurable these were straight out of the box. It's funny the reviewer brings up the imaging aspect of these IEMs. It's true they are not pinpoint, but what I found interesting is on Classical recordings this works to an added benefit of distancing the instrument when called for, added smoothness, and aurally a natural acoustic environment. The level of detail and clarity is extremely good. I don't think I'm missing anything worth mentioning versus the other IEMs I own, and if so, the PR401 make up for it in other ways they would be lacking in.


Cons? Slight congestion is the only thing I noticed thus far


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After a few days:



For the first few days of listening with no burn-in I was using:


+1 step at 0.4 khz (Sony Walkman EQ)


I'm not sure if I'm describing it correctly, but it feels as if there's a hollowness to the sound which could be from the V-shaped frequency, thus higher energy frequencies (around the 2.5 khz region) stick out to the ear more.


I have around 20 hours on these now FYI. I think that 2.5 khz has been tamed slightly and I removed it from the EQ to test. With the right music it could almost deafen you lol


I still think the 0.4 khz boost is appropriate for these IEMs.



Hmm I'd also add that at first I enjoyed the 'distanced' presentation for Classical, but now I realize the fuzziness of where the instruments are placed can be confusing.

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