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Paying it forward to the new guy's (giveaway)

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I was lucky enough to win a s:flo2 in Razzer001's Christmas giveaway so I thought I would spread the wealth around a little. I am offering up a Sony NWZ-A726 4 gig dap and a set of Zune premium earbuds to a lucky new guy! To be eligable you must not have joined earlier than Jan. 2011, live in the continental US and be in need of a setup to get you started. Just post below and I will draw next Friday. Good luck and thanks to mp4nation for making this possible.


I will pay for shipping so this is totaly free!

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I'm hoping that no established user registers a new account just to get this.

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I thought about that....if they do they must be very hard up or selfish....I will check join dates before announcing a winner. Thanks for the input.

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A very generous offer!!!


Good luck to all the newbs!

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Hi Kids - I just joined Head-Fi a few minutes ago and stumbled into this post. 


Hmmmmmm.......... I juz might be a lucky guy! 

I don't know if these things even qualify for headphones, but it is what it is - Sony MDR G42's - probably at least 5 years old and well worn out - plugged into a SoundBlaster 5.1 sound card. 


Which leads me into why I joined up here - but I'll get around to that with a new post wherein you can take your turns spanking me like a new lad on his 1st day a school. rolleyes.gif

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Thats nice from you! 


I wish we had more threads like this. biggrin.gif


Good luck everybody. 

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Welllllllll - I don't wanna brag - I just want to let everyone know that Terry (tjohnusa) has made good on his offer.

He has my humble and sincere thanks as well a my promise to likewise "pay it forward" to someone else when I get the chance (and I will make that chance happenbiggrin.gif).


Guess that I should go and flush my ears out before the stuff gets here........L3000.gif

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I could use a portable rig, my wife won't let me spend money on something that takes me away from her...but I guess I missed it.  I'm only allowed to use my Cowon J3 in my car, connected to my 13-speaker car stereo.

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I have decided, since there were no inquiries on it in the classifieds here, that I will "pay it forward."  I was given, at a Head-Fi meet, a $2000 (new) CD transport, so...I'm going to offer (for shipping only) my last 'stat phones:  my Koss ESP-7's.  They need some work, and I don't know what or how much, so ante up, pay the shipping, and have fun with this project.  It did sound good when I last used it.  PM's please.

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Hi Everyone - just a little thread "bump" to keep this idea of "paying it forward" alive.  I received tjohn's Zune Player last week - along with the earbuds - man what a treat for a newbie to get!  Thanks Terry!!!  I luv this concept being applied right here where we can see it work and the benefits it can provide.  As soon a I have something relevant for headphone listeners I'll put it up for grabs and share the wealth.   Wellllllllll - in my case it that won't amount to hill of gold - but it will be something worth while.  

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