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For Sale:
SOLD: 120GB RWA U2 iMod, immaculate

Will Ship To: Paypal-confirmed address

Up for sale is my 120GB U2 iMod. As the iMod conversion plus the 120GB HDD/new battery kit cost over $400 alone, it's like a free U2 iPod Video (Classic 5G). There are no blemishes or marks on this unit, it is excellent in every way cosmetically and works perfectly. It was upgraded to iMod by Vinnie at Red Wine audio a little less than a year ago and has seen very light use in a smoke-free household.


It comes with an Apple-branded USB charging and data cable and wall charger, and is priced for quick sale including Paypal fees and insured Priority shipping in the USA; international Express shipping is also available.



From Red Wine Audio: NOTES regarding the 5G/5.5G iMod

The ALO iMod Dock Cable is required for use of the 5/5.5 Gen iMod. They offer several versions, and each premium quality cable has been specifically designed for use with the 5G/5.5G iMod.

Except for the stock iPod USB cable for battery charging and loading music files, DO NOT use any other dock cable with your 5G/5.5G iMod for audio or damage can occur to your amplifier and/or headphones/speakers. We are NOT responsible for any misuse.

Unlike the 4th Generation iMod (see above), the 5G/5.5G iMod does NOT in any way alter the stock headphone output… it is not modified or disabled. Its functionality and sound quality of the headphone output remain “stock.”

Much more at:


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