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Cal Poly Mini-Meet - Page 6

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3rd year Aerospace Engineering.

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Computer Engineering at UCSC but I'm from SLO and visiting my family anyway.
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Oh nice lots of engineers. Ok so fortunately I switched my shift at work so I can meet you guys tomorrow if that's alright.  My only pair of headphones are shure srh 440s so I'll bring those.  I'm pretty pumped! this is my first meet lol biggrin.gif

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There's only gonna be like 5 people biggrin.gif
Which is good enough, we have a wide variety of equipments. Will bring pretty much all of my equipment.

hamyqueso, once you get sucked into this hobby, there's noway of turning around. You'll end up spending so much money to get the best sound that you'll like, haha.

Should I bring my Bravo too?

Oh, I'm a freshman btw.
Engineering IV is bldg 192 right?
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Yes Engineering IV is building 192. Yeah I'll try to bring all my stuff probably not my little dot I+ though.

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Haha good thing i have a job i guess rolleyes.gif

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spacewolf we're in room 321 of Eng IV.

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Overall I thought the meet was great! Sadly spacewolf could not make it.

We shall arrange another meet some other time or something especially when someone adds something to their collection.
After hearing the C2C's I am considering it! Comparing it with the GL, I think the transparency is similar, but the C2C is more detailed, but not by much. I think it pairs well with my DT880's(it's still burning in by the way, i forgot to tell everyone). I'm thinking of getting the NFB 10's and some day get my DT880's reterminated to XLR's to try balanced mode. biggrin.gif
Definitely the sound I'm looking for.
It was great seeing everyone surprised by the K400's soundstage, haha.
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The meet was cool, I'm glad it was successful since it was the first one I've ever been too. It was nice trying a bunch of different headphones and I was definitely surprised by the K400's soundstage, none of my headphones had one that was comparable lol. Yeah, too bad spacewolf wasn't able to make it. I'm down for another meet some other time, though it will be difficult for me to go to one later in the quarter but I'll try if there is one. I really liked your DT880s, I'm going to have to consider getting one eventually or the T1. Also the amp is the C-2.1 not C2C, sorry if I confused you when I was telling you about it.

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Too bad about spacewolf. The big revelation for me was listening to other DAC/AMP combo's. I obviously need to invest in a decent dac/amp before getting any new headphones. My current setup certainly doesn't do my a700's justice. I knew a good source was important, but I really didn't expect just how much of a difference the d4 and c-2.1 made.
My favorite hp's were definitely the d2000's I love the bass impact, but the mids are definitely recessed, I guess thats the price you pay for bass impact. To me they were a lot like my a700's but just better in every way. On first listen I didn't care for the sr325's but by the end of the meet they had grown on me, kinda strange. Personally not a fan of the k400's, they have no lower range at all, its like the bass was just gone. Pretty fun overall, thanks guy's for bringing your stuff and letting us all hear different sounds.
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Thanks everyone for a great first meet! Yeah i was extremely impressed with the soundstage of the k400s; it felt like the orchestra playing all around me!

the denons were great too. nice and comfy (so nice!) and had very impactful bass biggrin.gif


I really really liked the beyer dt880s though.  The soundstage was awesome (not as big as the k400 but still great) and the sound was nice and balanced (which I like very much). The bass I heard from all of these headphones was awesome, I kind of miss out on it when listening through my srh 440s.  Even the in-ears had more bass! very impressed


I'm definitely going to go with an open headphone design for my next pair just because I absolutely loved the soundstage that the open cans provided and probably gonna get an amp and DAC to go with it.  man I can feel my wallet shrinking beneath me already.. 

but thanks again everyone for coming down and letting us hear all your equipment! i am definitely up for having another meet sometime smily_headphones1.gif

I'll let you guys know what I end up deciding to get! this is going to be a tough decision..

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I got this DIY bug going on. I have 10 ft worth of Stranded silver, so I might start off making LOD's and an actual interconnect. Took IME 156, so I know basic soldering skills, lol.
Gonna build an amp eventually. Looking forward to this adventure smily_headphones1.gif
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I'm really mad and feel bad I couldn't make it or let you guys know about it today. My roommate had a family emergency and doesn't have a car so I drove him up to San Jose.


I'm going to finish reading through this thread though. I hope it went well...

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Also, should another meet be organized in the future, I will do everything to make it lol. sounds like it was a lot of fun. Really bummed I missed it.

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Hey spacewolf, I do hope to have another meet in the future so hopefully we'll see you then!

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