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Soundcard - amp recommendation for K702

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Hi fellow-geeks


I had actually decided to get a audio-gd nfb-12, but then there was a lot of commotion on this forum whether or not the nfb-12 was bugged or not, so I postponed the purchase for awhile and I got to thinking. - I am currently in the middle of a new pc build and maybe I should get a good soundcard and a dedicated headphone amp instead?


My budget is approximately $300-400, (lower is better) for both SC and amp.


I have a been looking at the PureAudio K.I.C.A.S. Caliente, which has been getting good reviews with K702.


But what soundcard to get?


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I would have recommended the Audio-gd FUN.


The KICAS is a good amp from what I've read, perhaps that and some Xonar or Auzen I guess.

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I should probably mention that I'm from Denmark and If I buy an amp outside of europe, I have to add 25% in taxes and 10-20% in customs fee's to the price. This kinda takes the fun out of the fun i think... : )

Inside of Europe no problem!

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So what can you find within Denmark?


You should probably ask in the Headphone Amps (full-sized) forum.

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The Xonar STX will drive them very good on high gain, but if you worried you can get a standalone amp like every one here mentions. prior I had a Auzentech bravura which couldnt drive them that well with its hp amp , When I got this STX its HP amp drove it alot better then the bravura. Xonar STX has a powerful amp. But most important as long you set the STX headphone amp to High gain you be all set. You can also check the Fiio E9 thread on the forum, I seen a few people with E9s giving there inputs on it and the Fiio.
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Thx for the input.


What I ended up doing was this:

I tested out the onboard soundcard on the motherboard and it actually sounds pretty good - so I´ll be using this as source temporarily. I then bought a Matrix M-stage, which I'm very pleased with. Great build quality and after a few 100 hours of burn-in the bottom notes really came to life and I think it matches the K702 very well.


Next step will be a good external soundcard/dac with optical-2-phono as there´s an optical out on the onboard card.

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