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Please help! Beyer DT-770/880/990 ear pads measurements

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Can someone please measure the other demensions of the ear pads? I was thinking of using those earpads for my MB Quart qp-850hs and AKG K271 headphones.
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No one here owns one of these?
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yes they fit. i have a pair of dt770's and i have a pair of quart 805hs's and the dt770 pads definitely fit i just tried it. BUT your better off going to quarts website and buying pads that are made for them. they have a huge selection of different pads with different sounds to them. i dont remember the website but google it.

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MB Quart site doesn't have headphones stuff anymore.  German Maestro site doesn't have ear pads listed.  Please help me find the site your are referring to.  Thank you!


Will the Beyer DT ear pads effect the sound of my MB Quart?

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all of these will fit. i did allot of research on which of these pads give the best sound and comfort and even asked the company and they were very helpful and gave me a chart which showed all of there pads and how they affect sound reproduction. tell me what kind of music you like and how much you care about comfort and i can show you exactly what to get. the best bass response comes from the 41-6086 pads, the best comfort are the 41-6085 pads. the original pads are the 41-6015 and they gave the worst sound overall and comfort. the 41-6085 pads are the best all around. they give good sound throughout the spectrum and are comfortable, they are basically the beyer pads but optimized for quarts. the beyer pads will not give you as good of sound as these i listed but will be more comfortable and still sound better than the original pads. they have holes in the back of the pads specifically for beyer cans. so in order for the beyer pads to work right with the quarts the holes have to be taped or covered somehow. also this is the euro website but you can still order from them but the shipping is 5 bucks extra. worth it if you ask me, you will be getting the best thing for your quarts.

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Which does QP400 comes with?  I just ordered the QP400 so I can try those pads on the 805hs first to see if those work best.  


41-6085 looks to be what I'm seeking, comfort.


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yes those should be the same pads. and i agree those pads are probably the best of the ones listed.

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by that i mean the 6085 comes with the qp400's. 

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What is the diameter of the pads? I'm looking into different pad options for DIY headphones.

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