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Sesaphonics 2MAX

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Since custom IEMs are by definition impossible to hear before buying, I thought I'd share my thoughts on my new 2MAX set from Sensaphonics!


I'm a bassist and have been using LiveWires for over two years now. They were my first custom IEMs and did the trick for $250. Generally deep bass and clear sound. I will always recommend LiveWires (or Fidelity) to anyone looking to spend less than $300 on customs. (Although, it sounds like 1964 is making great stuff around the same price point now too.)


However...I just received my 2MAX set from Sensaphonics. Rehearsed with them last night. It's like I've never heard music before! 


I went with Sensaphonics because they were highly recommended by pro musicians and their molds were silicon instead of hard acrylic. One of my main goals was blocking as much stage volume as possible (especially since I'm next to the drummer). The silicon stays put and gives a bit as I move around and sing.


My bass is clean, the guitars are the best I've ever heard in my ears on stage...But the biggest shock was the vocals: Rich and smooth!


Great company to work with, by the way. I originally got my first set made and delivered in four days! Turns out my impressions were a bit off, so the first set fit horribly. Sent them back, and Sensaphonics had the new set out to me in a week.


Fantastic sound, awesome company.

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Paging JackKontney. JackKontney to the white courtesy phone, please.

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Awesome post, longhornhombre! Sensaphonics thanks you for the kind words. cool.gif


Read and heed, ladies and gentlemen.

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