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triplefi 10 fakes?

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im trying to get a pair of triplefi 10 on ebay.

there's few sellers selling these unpackaged.

not the brown box by amazon, but just unpackaged!


no metal case.


are these fakes "? or did amazon special deal didnt come with a metal box?

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All the amazon units came with the metal case/tin and some type of packaging, either the standard sealed retail packaging or the black box econo packaging.

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so do u guys suspect this is a fake? 


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Or they want to keep the case for themselves lol... You'd probably be better off buying new from a reputable seller or off Amazon
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I think Ebay is pretty much hit or miss. While a lot of people say that there are no fake TF10s, I'd still be wary about a seller who doesn't include the standard accessories - unless he's selling for dirt cheap like $50 for a pair. Personally, I'd just pay a bit more on AMazon to get all the accessories, the warranty and peace of mind.

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yeah i wanna buy from amazon too.but the problem is..im from oversaeas, amazon doesnt ship to other countries....




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i used to have the same problem. I am from Mauritius and i ordered from amazon who will ship it free to my US box then forward it to me.

you should consider a forwarding service .. there are plenty out there .. i do not want to advertise here.. just research one that fits you

and btw any IEM without boxes from china, is fake! i assure you that! 

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Nope, they are real, saw them floating around ebay before the amazon sale for about $200. 

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I guess just to be safe you could check the seller's reputation and then go ahead and buy. If there are any issues you can always file a claim.
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