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Cheap, Portable Amp for the Srh750dj

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I recently bought the Shure750dj's (as I had been planning for a month or so) for a very reasonable $108, with a little cash left over. Now I am interested in buying an amplifier, because I find that less on my PC, but especially on my iPod, the headphones really do lack that power needed, and my listening unless it is in a perfectly quiet area is almost always above the 40% mark, sometimes up to 70%. I find the music a little too faded that I notice is not as much the case while using my PC with these headphones plugged in. I don't like this because I care about the safety of my ears, and what I was hoping is that an amp would give more clarity to the music, so I don't strain my ears trying to hear the finer quality details by turning the volume up too high. I've gotten about 40 hours of burn-in on these headphones, so I'm not sure if I should keep going or just listen to them and have it settle out eventually.


Anyways, I was looking for an amp under the $40 mark, but my main concern is: Will this make much of a difference? Would I be able to say it was WORTH $40? Mind you, the headphones were only $108, so I see no reason in paying anything about half the price of them, just because it goes against my ethics of reasonable spending lol. Most say it only makes a "little" difference with these headphones, so I'm unsure as to whether to invest or not. I saw the FiiO E5, but I'm not too sure how good it is, and I figured you would know best about amplifiers.

On a side note, my dad bought this... I believe... amplifier... a while ago. The model says Denon DRA-425R. Now I have no experience with amplifiers, but I do know that if I were to take this upstairs and plop it on my desk not only would it take up a lot of space, but my parents use it to control the stereo system in the house so I doubt I could use it. I was just wondering if this could be a POSSIBLE alternative. Sorry for the long post :P

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Oh sorry, I know this is a little off-topic but if anyone knows where I can get a straight, 3/4 foot cable for this I would appreciate that too. But it has this weird Shure "lock-in" kind of design so I'm not sure if a normal cable would work. The input jack has to be that size smaller than a normal iPod input.. I think its 1/8" stereo mini jack but has to be a regular iPod input size on the other side. I kind of like the ones with the controls and mic on them for iPods, like I had previously on the Beat Solos, but I don't know if they would be compatible.

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That Denon receiver?  You should notice improvement with that.


E5 is probably the best thing at that price point, maybe some cmoy of sorts can be had at that price, which would be a bit better, I think.

The E5's strengths are the volume control, bass boost, tiny size, and low price.  =]

A cMoy will be a bit bigger and will sound a little better, probably.


A 3-4 foot cable?  You may want to ask someone to build a cable for you.

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Build a cable.. never thought of that o.O

Are cables expensive? Could somebody add one of those buttons with volume on it? <:)

Yeah I guess that Denon thing isn't exactly just an amp but more like a media receiver or what not.

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Oh.. Chu Moy amp... well I've only soldered a board once let alone an amplifier, so I guess I'd have to buy one already assembled. I may look into one of those.

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JDS Labs cMoy Bass Boost Amp V2.03 (cMoyBB)


Comes in an altoids tin and is around $40. Small factor, big sound.


I bought my stuff from the UK. It cost a fair bit more.. But it's worth it! (For the Bass Boost feature alone. It's very unique). 


Even without the Bass Boost feature, the sound is incredible, with the feature it adds more warmth.. And obviously bass! But only to the relative genres.


I use Shure SRH840s w/ LOD cable. They're neutral phones and deliver crystal clear listening. They're my favourite cans of the moment. I don't know why, but they keep dragging me back for more.


I prefer neutral phones because bass can literally drown everything out. This amp just seems to add to the sound rather than stomp all over it with thumping bass-lines, especially when coupled with my Shures. For music like acoustic, classical and vocal, leaving the feature off works great. You can turn it on if you want a bit longer on the bass decay, but I feel it can be intrusive at times. Less is more in some cases.


This amp really gives my headphones a higher purpose when on the move. I'd say it competes with my hif.. Probably even trumps it! I've not done side-by-side analysis, but I prefer the CMOY to the hifi anyways! 


I'd say cmoys can give some decent amps a run for their money, considering their minscule size and price! I will hopefully write up a review when it's been burnt in a bit longer :)



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Hm... $60. I'll have to think about it, but that could be a good option. My headphones have 32 ohms, and while I'm a little new to the meaning of that I know it means that it isn't high impedance, meaning it really isn't a big deal to worry about getting an amp for that.

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