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I didn't see a beer fi thread so I thought maybe I would start one since my other hobby is home brewing.  I just made a huge barley wine today and now it is in the carboy doing its thing.  I wanted to finish up what I had left of my extract since I am going all grain now.  I just got my mash tun finished up so now it is time to rock and roll.

I am probably going to do a brown ale for my first all grain which is pretty exciting.

Any other home brewers out there? Or is there anyone who just enjoys good quality craft beer.

If anybody is in the Twin Cities area that wants to have a beer and listen to a grateful dead audience recording, let me know.  I have the entire collection of '77 recordings.

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There is a thread in the Member's Lounge that is Beer-Fi


Been a lot more active lately, which I'm happy about since beer is one of my passions, other than audio gear. 

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Not sure if you have seen this, but here's a link to a ongoing beer thread...


Whoops, daigo beat me to it.



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Since the linked thread is more about good beers and you posted specifically talking about brewing (not to mention that thread is over 80 pages long), I figured I'd post here instead.


I don't brew myself, but my Mom and her boyfriend are starting a brewery out in California called the Santa Ana Brewery. My mom's helping with the business stuff and her boyfriend and his brew partner due the brewing. They're both in their 50s, it's really cool to see them starting a new business, and his brews are so good they deserve to be sold. They focus mainly on imperial IPAs, imperial stouts, and Belgian ales. He actually won best in class at the last LA County fair for one of his stouts and runner up in the whole competition for that same brew (and don't let the word "fair" fool you, it's LA county fair so it's huge with judges and brewers from all over).


What types do you usually brew? Always go for the high content barley wines or do you do other styles as well? I'm in the process of moving out to CA where I'll get to help some of the brewing and hopefully get to see them get the brewery off the ground, but I've been shown the basics and got to sample some different grains.


Actually drinking a Sierra Nevada Torpedo extra IPA right now, never tried it before and it's a pretty solid IPA with good flavor, tastes like they put some dark roasted grains in it along with the extra helping of hops so it's got a light stout-like flavor to it instead of the heavy grapefruit flavor like say the Dogfishhead 60/90 min IPAs.


Oh and obligatory facebook group link for the brewery:

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This is a good thread. The other beer thread is about beer in general, but am very happy to see a homebrew thread.

Homebrew is something I've always wanted to do. Several friends have - a favorite was a Russian imperial stout my friend Herb made. Unbelieveable. Sooner or later, I'd like to try my hand at it. Fresh beer is magical and even better when you can toy with the alcohol content. smily_headphones1.gif
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