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Thanks RainfallSky!


Did you noticed that trebles are a bit accentuated on OPA2132? More details could be heard, comparing with NE5532, of course.


Could you please detail a little bit the LT1498, at least in compare with stock NE5532. Things like details, bass and soundstage should help a lot for all os us, I guess. Also, how hot LT1498 get, comparing with 5532?


Thaks again!

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Trebles accentuated too yes but it's like there are blank space between vocal and highs where more details should be but there are none.. I would say OPA2132 is exactly like equalizer when you toying with it. Some frequencies set too high and some to low that you barely hear sounds you know should be there or don't hear them at all. Sound is too artificial, too torn.

LT1498 hmmm. Sound stage is one of the strongest parts of LT1498. It's wide and detailed with good sence of presence. I think bass sound level is very good. LPF and Buffer add too of course but i don't want to add more nor do a want less. It cold go very low but not infra low. :D Vocal feels slightly closer to you. Highs are soft with no harshness. This all is how i hear it on my modded Essence One and my system. I changed all electrolytic capacitors on sound card PCB and a bit on power supply PCB, now it looks like this.

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Thank you again!


A bit overkill capacitors, I'd say. :D Anyway, it look really cool!


What do you have in LPF and what in XLR and RCA buffers, please? Also, did you changed input opamps from headamp too?

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LPF - OPA1611 (mono ver. of OPA1612)




627's are left from the times when i had Asus Essence ST. I don't really use XLR outputs. And 627SM was reckless expensive idea.. :rolleyes: Stock LME49720 at headphone output. I think LME49720 is still the best there, thats my opinion. They still could be be upgraded to LME49720HA or dual LME49710HA. But LME49710HA only by using +2 DIP8 sockets like here:

Originally Posted by timmeh View Post


Piggyback DIP8.JPG

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