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Originally Posted by PanzerIV View Post

Umm.. wtf is the point of buying it from this guy who sell them for 60$ if it's gonna cost you almost exactly the same as buying the Muse edition directly from day 1?! I would rather avoid all this trouble and pay an extra 50$ to get the Muse edition as there is no real money saving at 60 x 6 (-_-)


If someone doesn't have 1100 AUD laying around but does have 400. Sometimes its easier for people to spend 1100 after saving for months than it is to spend it all at once. 

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Do you guys turn off your E1 when not in use? Any reason to not keep it on beside power use? (Would it even use much when not actively converting signals?)

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Originally Posted by dclaz View Post


The standard E1 can be bought in Australia for $400-420 AUD, the MUSES edition seems only available on ebay to us at around $1100 AUD.

It sucks that no one in Australia ships internationnaly as it would be like 100$ cheaper than in Canada (-_-).

Looks like I'll have to settle for the standard edition then try to find someone who doesn't scam people and sell REAL muse01 opamps at a reasonable price "maximum 50$/each" because according to the dumb girl to who I've spoke on Asus's chat support, the Plus and Muses editions are discountinued since an unknown time for an unknown reason, which would explain the extreme shortage of the product worldwide and the fact no one have a single one in stock in the whole damn Canada... I just find it really lame from Asus for not explaining us why and to still be listing the product on their website if it doesn't exist anymore. Here's the chat transcription if anyone is curious about what she said about it.


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Am I the only that notices the left channel being more dominant on Muses?  It's weird the left channel seems everything is more pronounced and seems cleaner than the right channel.  Could this be due to the recordings/track or does the Muses have issues with stereo imaging?


That is extremely strange.


It's with almost every track like that.  I don't think it's every track that's badly mixed/produced.


Anyone else notice this issue?

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Swap your opamps around and see if the balance changes, otherwise it might be the volume pot or you might have a noticeable imbalance between the drivers on your headphones. If there is an imbalance on the volume pot or on the opamps, I am sure that you should be able to get the unit exchanged.

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How can we quantify the effect of op amps without using subjective terms such as warmth and soundstage?


Is there ways to objectively determine the differences op amps make to the output of something like the E1, based on the specifications of the op amp itself? I ask because very few have the resources or are willing to make the usual measurements with difference op amps that could describe the performance of a DAC/amp.

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I think this is what ASUS XONAR was talking about the "big announcement," but we never received the news.


ASUS Launches Essence III:  http://www.techpowerup.com/192647/asus-launches-essence-iii-preamplifier-usb-dac-and-headphone-amplifier.html


That looks beautiful and an upgrade from the Asus Essence One Muses.

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On paper it looks like a pretty comprehensive and ultimate solution. Balanced outputs, stepped attenuators, remote control, DSD. Everything including the kitchen sink. Now the question is, how much will it cost? Are they using Muses02 to cut costs, or because they sound better in this particular configuration compared to the Muses01?

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Looks lovely!

Im all in if its less than $1500.
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If the knobs are plastic again though I'm going to be disappointed. 

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Speaking of knobs, how does one control a stepped attenuator by remote control?
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I guess it'll have a motor which physically turns the knob when you press up and down on the remote. That's how stereo amps with stepped attenuators do it at least.

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Hmm, Ive never used a receiver with a stepped attenuator. Maybe Im thinking of the wrong type of volume control? When I think of stepped attenuators, I think of the ones like Burson uses - which have pretty firm "clicks" for each step. I can't imagine a motor doing that.
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The Cambridge 840A uses stepped attenuators. It has a display that shows the volume change in 1db steps like a surround receiver, except you hear clicks with each step from the knob.

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I didnt know that. Thanks for the info!
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