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Best portable source for RE-ZEROs?

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I've looked around as much as possible, before feeling I just need to post and ask. I have decided to get the RE-ZERO over the RE-0. I know that the source will have a big impact on the quality that comes through these bad boys, and i know there's the whole balanced cord business as opposed to the 3.5mm jack so my basic question is:


What portable source/mp3 player would be best suited for listening to the RE-ZEROs? I do plan to get an E5 portable headphone amp as well, and my budget for the mp3 player is around $200. Thanks in advance, this really has been a helpful community.


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Sansa Fuze and a huge MicroSD.


Did you already order the RE-ZERO? because IMHO, if you have an amp, the RE0 is the way to go.....

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I've listened to RE0 and RE-ZERO on same portable players, and can say, that RE0 sounded much better with them. On the other hand, RE-ZERO, connected directly to the computer, even with ordinary sound card, gives a good sound, much better than on portable players like Sansa Clip or even Hifiman HM-601.

I think that RE-Zero are designed specially for stationare, not portable sources. That is why originally they had TRRS plug, and have impendance of 16 oHm, while for RE0 it is 64 oHm.

It you now have RE0, my advise to you is to keep them and buy HiFiman HM-601 player. These guys soud perfectly when together!

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^ What...?


RE-Zero's take less driving power and are better unamped out of a portable source. The adapter is just weird. RE0's are hands down better amped....

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Hmm this is a tough choice, hah! I suppose if I go with the RE-0s, an E5 headphone amp, and the HM-601 I can't go wrong, then? I'm having a really hard time deciding between the zero and the 0 haha.

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That sounds like a a good plan. Maybe even skip the E5 and go with a Cmoy or something.

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What's the difference between the  HiFiman HM-601 and the sansa-fuze. I'm trying to see if there's a worthy justification for the price difference.


Edit: decided on the sansa-fuze, still torn between 0 and zero :(

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Ive had both RE0 and RE-ZEROs and i preferred the ZEROs on all my DAPs. The mids are more fluid and less dry than the RE0s IMO. The Walkmans "Clear Bass" really helps bring out the lower end of the ZEROs so if you can take it to a Sony shop try them on a walkman. The clip+ (rockboxed) also drives them well. If your getting the Fuze it would benefit to rockbox it. The iPod touch drives them nicely but i found an app like "equalizer" helps with the bottom end and also allows you to bypass the iPods EQ. The ZEROs were designed Low Impedance so they could be driven easily by DAPs. I think you will not be disappointed.


This is my opinion. Im sure there are members who would think differently

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I'm using the RE0 with the Sony X walkman, and as paulypaul mentioned, the clear bass function does work well to bring out a little more bass. The Sony by itself drives the RE0 OK, but I also have a JDS labs cMoy bass boost, and it really helps with the RE0. I've also tried it on a Nationite N2 (MP4nation), and that player does a good job especially for the price. It's supposed to have a built in amp section, and it does sound good.


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Huge thanks to everyone! I've finally decided on re-zero with a clip+! I'm very excited.

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