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Headphones as compared to Klipsch S4's

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As you might tell by my impressive post count I'm fairly new to nice headphones. I'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed by various reviews and descriptions of various cans because I have no real frame of reference. I fairly recently got some Klipsch Image S4's and really like them, I was wondering if anyone out there has a pair of these and might want to describe some other phones with respect to the S4s. Also it might help to try and describe the s4's although I've been looking at reviews of those so I have some idea, more info never hurt.


I really like the S4's but there are some issues that make me want some different HP's for different reasons. Mostly the short cable, microphonics, ear irritation, and "in my head" sound, make me want some bigger, more comfortable phones with a different sound sig (variety is the spice of life after all). After extensive perusing of these forums the ATH-a700/ad700 look pretty good but I really can't relate to the descriptions since I have nothing to compare them to.


So the consensus seems to be that the a700s have better bass, obviously better isolation, but more recessed mids, maybe a little less clear? The ad700s are more detailed and airy but lack bass. These are all interesting things to know, but how big are the differences really? And how do they compare to the s4's?


I would like something very analytic (sometimes I like my music like cigars or wine, the fun is in the details). I'm put off by people saying the a700s are lousy at vocals and arn't super detailed compared to the ad700s. I'm a little put off by the open design of the ad700 (I live in a dorm room, neighbor likes to crank his amp up to 11), but the s4's have awesome isolation so I might be willing to sacrifice some isolation for SQ.


Any comparisons to other cans is more than welcome (maybe hd280?), I've just mostly researched the ax00. Surely others can bennefit from another frame of reference.



Violet The Conqueror

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Just bought some a700's. I'll post a comparison when they get here next week.

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