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Funny I also bought something cheap on ebay on the 23rd from the states shipped via $3 USPS First Class Mail, let's see who gets their package first biggrin.gif


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I'm done offering priority mail flat rate boxes after a customer out of the blue opened a paypal claim against me after about 3 weeks of waiting for their package in Canada.  It's clearly the douchey Canadian customs that has it, I've never lost a parcel before.  There's no way to insure or track flat rate USPS boxes, they just plain suck.  People are just going to have to pay up the $25 for express no matter what they're buying if they live in a foreign country.  

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I've waited 3 weeks for a small flat rate box via usps priority mail, customs had it for about a week. It's strange because the non small flat rate boxes are handled much quicker it seems. I would definitely ship only using a trackable method, for the benefit for you and for the buyer to avoid those kind of claims; it just avoids a lot of problems.

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Every time I punch the tracking code in on USPS' website it just says that it was shipped from their facility on February 24th. Should I be worried? I am beginning to think it isn't coming.

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If  your tracking starts with the letter L then you're not going to get updating tracking other than that message which is a shipping confirmation.

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Oh brutal. Brutal, brutal, brutal. Talk about totally inadequate shipping. Seriously, I find this annoying. Again, this isn't Headroom's fault. I just think it sucks.

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here's a little tale, of dealling with the postals, without going postal, lol, it only took, from 1/17, till 3/10,


7 nail biting weeks from Vacouver to Grand Rapids MI, 1 low profile LOD, sent flat rate, no tracking in an envelope, what the? but it arrived, fits and works great, i guess i passed my grand mis-adventure in patience


i went from a copper siver plated LOD, to an all silver LOD, and may i say that its made a huge difference, it brightened up the darkness of the GS Voyager! brought out and balanced out the mids and highs, and widened the soundstage considerably, well worth the wait, ka-sweet!! for $35.00 its like having a brand new rig, my first purchase off of Head-Fi, and the most significant upgrade for my GS Voyager, 6.5 classic, TF10's, setup!!! 


good luck!

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First Class Mail takes a bloody long time. Expect to wait up to a month. I've had an order of cables arrive after three weeks, a wallet after five, and CDs after seven. I'm waiting for some cables myself at the moment, but no big deal - I can wait. Again, most of the time is due to customs - delivery by horseback without customs would probably be faster than airmail through customs. Just be patient, swallow your pride and wait. In the grand scheme of things, a month is nothing - just ask HeadAmp or JH-3A customers.


No offense to HeadAmp or Jerry Harvey, of course - they make great products and I know they're trying their best.

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Does anyone think the bigger the package, the faster it moves on first class mail?
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I got it today! :) However, I am still experiencing the same problem that I was before. I will be making another thread about it.

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I got mine today, I guess the shipping time is consistent?

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I checked this site to get more information about the latest on the amount of time a letter to Canada will take. I am appalled at the rudeness of some people below. It is the 21st century and I receive mail and packages from Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and England in less than a week without extra cost. Why do you have to be rude to the person checking on a package? If something went wrong, she'd be blamed for waiting so long to check on it.

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