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I need to know, do the Shure SRH550DJ's get loud?
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Let me chime in here and say I picked up SRH550 for my collection.

I already own SRH440, 840, 940. 

To my ears SRH550 sounds very similar to SRH440, I wouldn't be surprised if uses the same drivers (but tuned differently). The 550 is detailed, fairly clean and clear (very much like a 440), it's light due to being fairly plasticky but looks really good in person. Soundstage is rather closed in  (narrow) though probably due to the pads being overly flat and the comfort levels would be best described as average hence why members report changing to 750 pads) Despite being a DJ headphone it still manages to pull of most genres well, including metal, rock. The cable is much thinner than those found on the 750DJ, 440, 840, 940 and doesn't ispire the best confidence, but sure it's fine. 550 also go loud without early distortion.

For $100 though 550 keeps the Shure tradition serving up the same quality sound. 

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Are these still getting any love?  Nice sound, great FR balance, but durability is still absent.  Still no revision in 5 years.

Sounds better with Brainwavz HM3 pads.  The headphone will become around-ear instead of on-ear this way.


Anyone know what kind of superglue works best on this baby?


Edit: Looks like I hit the jackpot with J-B Weld steel-reinforced epoxy.

Edit2: Looks ugly, but appears to hold most permanently.

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