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rudistor rp-030

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anyone?  it's been on rudistor website for a while but it's finally available.  couldn't find any information here.  anyone has it already or anyone thinking of getting one?  it cost 4999 big bones so i guess it's high-end?  looks like a poor man's rp1000 though





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I've auditioned one in Beijing earlier this year. They are really sublime but I haven't got an opportunity to compare them with other high-ends.

The high gain jack works better in my opinion, even for phones easy to drive like the Ultrasone Ed8.

I haven't tried the balanced out 'cos I don't have any balanced phones. What a pity 'cos the dealer told me it's a fully balanced circuit design (which is normal in that price range).

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Guess this is gonna be the ultimate amp Im gonna go for. :)

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Originally Posted by piaoasd123 View Post

Guess this is gonna be the ultimate amp Im gonna go for. :)

i feel sorry for you..
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For 5 grand , I'd like to see something with a bit higher fit and finish at that level. I've not heard it so it is tough to comment. The previous Rudistor amps that I have heard sounded great with ultrasone headphones but not so great with sennheiser or grado headphones. At that price I'd hold off until you could hear it, I wonder if Rudi is going to do what TTVJ did with his previous TOTL 307a amp and give it a short and carefully selected tour to get it out there a bit.


Here are the published specs, I wonder why the choice of the switching power supply at that price? Also all headphone amp manufactures really need to decide on a standard of either one 4 pin or 2 3 pin balanced config. I vote for one 4 pin but that's just me .



Maximum Output( Voltage Swing):   25Vpp Slew Rate >4.8VuSec
Bandwidth:  2-120.000 Hz  0.05db Output Impedance: 3 Ohm to 1200
THD: 0.01% (3Vpp on 32 Ohm) Gain: 10
Input Impedance:   22 to  47 kohm Technology: Discrete Bipolar and FET transistor (no opamp)
Input : 1 pair RCA  golden plater  + 1 pair XLR set golden plated S/N : 123db
Output: 1 pair RCA  golden plater  + 1 pair XLR set golden plated Dimensions (cm):  45x33x14
Humm Level : Not measurable Weight (Kg): 12Kg
Amplifier Topology
4 * Class A amplification Units ( one for each Phase*Channel ) 4 switching Power Supply followed by 4 RLC High Capacity filter
All discrete, Solid State Bipolar and Low Noise Fet Transistors No Op-amp are part of the circuitry. Can work on any main voltage( 100 to 240 Vac) with automatic adjustment and is totally insulated and immune by any line noise
Made 100 % in Heavy Aluminum CNC machined  


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My experience with Rudistor amps is that they have a high level of construction quality, solidity, pristine fit & finish, giving me no impression of cutting corners. From these pics & others I've seen online, I assume this amp follows suit in that regard. Sonically, I've liked most of the models I've heard (save for the budget balanced NX-33). I deeply miss my "lowly" NX-02 which sounded great, and a whole lot like a baby RP010. But I like Ultrasones too, so take from that what you will. Although the OTL RP7 I heard at a meet sounded great with Sennheisers.


Unfortunately, Rudi's amps don't present the best value quotient for those of us on this side of the pond. And due to lack of distributorship in the states, they have even less exposure to most of us here. Rudi seems to market more heavily to the European & Asian geographic areas, for what I can only assume are accessibility reasons.


Dual three-pin balanced connectors are more-or-less the standard set by Headroom from the Blockhead days. I'd guess there are more dual 3-pin connector balanced cables on the market & already in people's hands than the 4-pin type.


I can't comment on amp circuit or power supply design choices. Of course, anyone looking to spend that level of cash should audition first.

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Originally Posted by jp11801 View PostI wonder why the choice of the switching power supply at that price?

That's likely for various reasons:

1. PFC. This is mandatory in the EU, and high PFC numbers are easily reached using a switched PSU.

2. Efficiency. A switched PSU often has a higher efficiency, which is about to become mandatory.

3. Convenience. Nowadays it's quite easy to create a full-range, active PFC switched PSU which will work just about anywhere in the world, making it easier for Rudi to ship it worldwide. Not to mention the lower weight, which will make it cheaper to ship.

4. Noise rejection. I know this will sound strange to some, but a switched PSU has higher noise rejection. When designed and executed well, in most cases it'll simply work better than a classic design.

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Bump and subscribe for a very nice amp!

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Anyone interested in reviving this thread? Anyone out there auditioned this with balanced Senns or Beyers, for example?

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i contacted rudi about the lack of any reviews online for this amp, and he wrote back in broken english that there were loads and to look harder. hmmm. still no 

joy though. 6moons did a review on one of their older balanced amps and was very positive. 


What are the main options for european made fully balanced end to end SS amps? (sofar: sennheiser hdva 600?) 

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Linnenberg from Germany


They've a spa1


Violectric? maybe will make new V282?

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whats the thought on stereo 4pin xlr vs 2x 3 pin?

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I love my RP010B with HD800s, A-T W3000ANVs, and HE500s. I've not heard the RP030.

Have you heard the RP010B in addition to the 030? Thanks in advance.

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From what I've read the 030 is on the analytical side, whereas the 010 is more musical.


I too love my PRO10BMKII and the RudiStor house sound.

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